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Renew your client review

During a recent presentation of Invesco Global Consulting’s program, Priceless, I asked a room full of advisers how many of them had changed the way they do their annual client review meetings in the last 5 years (COVID19 changes aside).  One third of the room raised their hand.  I then asked how many feel their…

Jacquelyn Mann | 2nd Jun 2022 | More
Super wars renewed by Morrison ahead of election

Once a stalking horse for a small cabal of noisy backbenchers, “Home First, Super Second” has found its way into the Coalition’s policy arsenal ahead of an unpredictable election. It was perhaps premature to write, in late March, that the super wars were over. Scott Morrison’s announcement on Sunday that first home buyers would be able…

Lachlan Maddock | 19th May 2022 | More
  • Outlook for Australia ‘favourable’ compared to ROW: Chronis

    The VIX Volatility Index or Fear Index hit a 52-week high of 38.94 last week after $65bn was wiped off the Australian share market. To put that in context, the VIX index rose to 65pts when Covid-19 first hit and peaked at 80 at the start of the GFC. While the VIX index has broken…

    Ishan Dan | 9th May 2022 | More
    Superannuation returns hit by volatility

    A bounce in share markets in March supported superannuation fund performance in the first quarter of 2022. However, with inflation concerns mounting, global share markets remain volatile, including the hard-hit US share market, which is likely to dent superannuation returns for the current financial year.  Superannuation research house SuperRatings found the median balanced option rose…

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 2nd May 2022 | More
  • Will the Your Future Your Super test be applied to SMSFs?

    In 2021 the “Your Future Your Super” (YFYS) performance test was introduced to gauge whether default super funds, which collected billions in guaranteed contributions, were up-to-scratch in terms of their investment performance. Speaking at the SMSF Association’s National Conference 2022, Philip La Greca, executive manager of SMSF Technical & Strategic Solutions at Super Concepts, who…

    Ishan Dan | 28th Apr 2022 | More
    Minimum pension reduction offers opportunity for advisers

    Among the Federal Budget proposals that received the least fanfare was the extension of the ‘temporary’ relief on the minimum drawdowns for account-based pensions. Whilst the media attention on the legislative change immediately highlights the fact that it benefits the wealth more than the rest, it affords an entire generation of Australians greater flexibility. Few…

    Drew Meredith | 4th Apr 2022 | More
    Quality of advice terms confirmed, appoints Levy as Chair

    Year after year of growing compliance requirements placed on the financial advice sector likely came to a crescendo with the Financial Services Royal Commission. The introduction of FASEA, additional education requirements and Code of Ethics whilst on their own were a positive step towards professionalisation. However, they added another burden to an industry that most…

    Staff Writer | 17th Mar 2022 | More
    How will Your Future, Your Super reforms impact ESG investing?

    While the government’s Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) reform package, which took effect last July, has been widely derided by the industry, it is the first step in a move to requiring the industry to improve its efficiency, transparency and accountability. One of the unexpected consequences of the YFYS changes is the fact that it…

    Ishan Dan | 20th Jan 2022 | More
    Aussie Super prompts more Bragg ire over New Daily

    Industry fund-owned ‘The New Daily’ is once again in political hot water after a controversial deal with AustralianSuper to auto-subscribe 800,000 of the fund’s members to the publication. ‘The New Daily’ has become a bee in the bonnet for a number of Liberal backbenchers, most notably NSW Senator Andrew Bragg, who has characterised the publication…

    Lachlan Maddock | 21st Jun 2021 | More
  • Allianz Retire+ flags defensive alternatives as solution to cash conundrum

    The cash conundrum facing retirees is well-known and broadly appreciated, yet little is being done to address it. With global governments forced to flood the economy with cheap cash to avoid a depression, the result has been the transfer of wealth from savers, who receive a pittance on their low-risk investors, and borrowers, who are…

    Staff Writer | 24th May 2021 | More
    Rest Super partners with Eaton Vance managers for ESG integration

    Retail Employee Superannuation Trust (Rest), one of Australia’s largest super funds, with over $60 billion in assets and more than two million members, has appointed Parametric and Calvert Research and Management (Calvert), to manage the equities allocation across the newly launched Rest Sustainable Growth Option. The Rest Sustainable Growth Option is a diversified portfolio with enhanced…

    Staff Writer | 3rd May 2021 | More
    Future fund prepares for worst

    One of the most eagerly awaited updates in the investment market is that of the $171 billion Future Fund, Australia’s sovereign wealth fund – and the December 2020 update was even more closely watched than normal. Because of its initial purpose – to invest in order to fund large unfunded Commonwealth public-sector superannuation liabilities which…

    James Dunn | 1st Feb 2021 | More