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The answer to the Magnificent Seven’s ‘really difficult investment problem’

A huge benefit has already been realised in the price of the Magnificent Seven and it might be time to take some risk off the table instead of speculating on future fundamentals, according to Lazard.

Staff Writer | 18th Apr 2024 | More
Time to look ‘off the beaten path’ for growth: Franklin Templeton

The incredible performance of the Magnificent Seven mean investors aren’t always seeing the technological growth that’s driving industries like professional services, construction and medicine.

Staff Writer | 15th Apr 2024 | More
  • US tech stock concentration narrative needs perspective: Claremont Global

    You don’t need to be a tech stock advocate to understand the importance of looking beyond the headlines and the hype, creating your own narrative based on facts, and assessing each opportunity with a clear lens.

    Tahn Sharpe | 8th Apr 2024 | More
    The three steps that matter for contrarian investors in the ‘zero-sum game’

    Contrarian investors are adept at spotting misalignment that leads to arbitrage between real value and perceived value. But it isn’t easy. “True bargains are hard to come by,” says Orbis Investments’ Eric Marais.

    Tahn Sharpe | 8th Apr 2024 | More
  • Diversification unlocking the unique appeal of Asian equities

    Asian market equities stand out as a beacon for growth-oriented investors, propelled by the region’s rapid technological advancements, robust economic development and increasing integration into the global economy.

    Will Arnost | 4th Apr 2024 | More
    ‘Tide has turned’: Small cap opportunity never clearer, especially in Australia

    Inflation has likely peaked and the small cap market has bottomed out. The bad news is that relative returns have already started improving. The good news is that we’re still a few standard deviations from the mean, and there’s still plenty of upside.

    Staff Writer | 4th Apr 2024 | More
    ‘Common, observable and exploitable’: Value distortions and the emerging market advantage

    The functionality of value investing hinges on one important and fundamental premise: that humans are fallible and emotional operators that over-react, misjudge and fall victim to overconfidence in their own assessment abilities.

    Staff Writer | 14th Mar 2024 | More
    Orbis and the private ownership advantage in value investing

    The vast majority of quality asset managers will go through periods of five years of underperformance or more, which makes it difficult for that firm to take smart value bets and hold them until maturity beckons.

    Staff Writer | 14th Mar 2024 | More
    Surging equity markets highlight importance of valuation discipline: Australian Ethical

    An elevated market is a good thing, but investors that take a valuation mindset into asset allocation need to be wary of what that means for prices. “Chasing momentum” is a real danger, says Australian Ethical’s Mark Williams.

    Staff Writer | 7th Mar 2024 | More
  • Small caps renaissance set to highlight the value of active management: Invesco

    While the small companies sector of the share market is poised to benefit from the predicted retreat of inflation, the tailwinds really kick in when you throw active management into the mix according the Invesco team.

    Tahn Sharpe | 4th Mar 2024 | More
    The trick to value investing is more fundamental than you think

    It’s not always about finding companies that have the biggest market share or the ones that dominate the headlines. For true value investors, the key is to select companies whose forward value is fundamentally underappreciated.

    Staff Writer | 29th Feb 2024 | More
    Difficult conditions suit small caps, active management: Atchison

    Australia may not have the Magnificent Seven tech stocks, but a heavy top end on the ASX means concentration risk is just as present, Atchison’s says. According to Australian Ethical, that puts the domestic small companies sector right in frame for investors.

    Drew Meredith | 22nd Feb 2024 | More
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