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The Inside Network and Future Proof make waves with Huntington Beach partnership

It’s the biggest wealth management event on the planet, where advisers, executives and their associates come to learn, network and have a little fun under the California sun. As the inaugural Australian partner, The Inside Network will be front and centre.

Staff Writer | 10th May 2024 | More
Perpetual motion curbed: 138-year old manager broken up in $2.2B KKR deal

The transaction comes after a decade long struggle for one of the bigger players in the Australian financial services landscape, which could only fend off so many takeover attempts while its share price continued to fall.

Tahn Sharpe | 8th May 2024 | More
  • FSC bulks up its financial adviser representation stocks

    While known for being the flagbearer for financial product providers, the Financial Services Council is now making serious inroads into the financial advice sector.

    Tahn Sharpe | 24th Apr 2024 | More
    Trailblazing deep tech investors dig into fourth NZ fund

    The NZ science and technology investors are onto their fourth fund, which is shaping up as their biggest yet. Savvy investment and active ownership have been key ingredients so far, along with support from the NZ government.

    Tahn Sharpe | 15th Apr 2024 | More
  • ASIC sounds major warning on ‘licensee for hire’ firms

    ASIC made no secret of its assertion that Lanterne operated purely as a “licensee for hire”, which is an ominous reminder for licensees operating with thin risk and compliance standards that the regulator is watching.

    Staff Writer | 15th Apr 2024 | More
    A shotgun ride with Dad put this adviser in pole position

    “We’re all humans trying to make a fist of it,” says Muirfield Financial Services adviser Matt Torney. “And sure, finances matter, but people and relationships matter more.”

    James Dunn | 4th Apr 2024 | More
    Partners Private co-founder takes private equity path to portfolio management

    Sick of being locked out of large scale private equity investments, the group put together their own project in 2013. Forty projects and some outsized returns later, they’ve only recorded one that didn’t reach its targeted internal rate of return.

    Nicholas Way | 25th Mar 2024 | More
    Full circle tree-change brings Mark Folpp’s adviser journey back home

    It was a long and winding road that took Mark Folpp from accounting to broking, funds management and ultimately financial advice. He still gets to channel his “inner fund manager”, but the context is a whole lot different this time.

    James Dunn | 18th Mar 2024 | More
    Foresters becomes first B Corp certified investment bond provider in Australia

    For investors thinking holistically about future wealth, adding B Corp accreditation to the provision of investment and education bonds makes a compelling offer.

    Staff Writer | 7th Mar 2024 | More
  • David Leon: Leading the boutique, independent advice brigade

    After witnessing the evolution of the US advice market, David Leon knew his Australian clients would want product and advice to be separate. It’s why the Adelaide adviser was so surprised the Hayne Royal Commission took so long to come about.

    Nicholas Way | 19th Feb 2024 | More
    Online investment dives as novice investors shy away from platforms

    The continuing decline in online investment can be traced back to a few developments, but it must also sit alongside a reminder that usage peaked dramatically in the pandemic.

    Staff Writer | 8th Feb 2024 | More
    Policymakers urged to simplify ‘unnecessarily complex’ SMSF system

    Transfer Balance Caps, Super Balance Thresholds and the rules overseeing the notice of intent to claim a tax deduction are all overly complex and could do with immediate simplification, according to SMSF Association CEO Peter Burgess.

    Staff Writer | 5th Feb 2024 | More
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