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‘Adapt or fail’: 16pc of asset managers to vanish by 2027: PwC

While PwC expects the asset and wealth management sector to see a rebound in assets under management by 2027, it predicts a vastly changed landscape in which the top 10 per cent of managers will control half of all mutual fund assets globally.

Lisa Uhlman | 24th Jul 2023 | More
Holding the line – the real adviser challenge

The tendency to relent to client commentary, which in many cases is driven by headlines and sentiment, is one of the biggest detractors from long-term returns.

Drew Meredith | 22nd Aug 2022 | More
  • The right words at the right time – reacting to client concerns

    In unpredictable markets, emotions can run high, and good intentions mingled with bad communication can potentially damage adviser-client relationships.

    Jacquelyn Mann | 4th Aug 2022 | More
    Recession or not, challenges are real: Neuberger

    The biggest question on the minds of every investor in the world today is clear: will the US experience a recession?

    Drew Meredith | 14th Jul 2022 | More
  • A transformational alternative future for AGL

    Leading responsible investment manager, Australian Ethical, this week highlighted the unique challenges facing investors in a response to the events at AGL Energy in recent weeks.

    Drew Meredith | 10th Jun 2022 | More
    Overcoming anchoring bias key to advisers amid volatility

    To be a successful financial adviser, especially during times of peak volatility, it pays to understand and master the human cognitive biases that can often lead to poor decision-making

    Ishan Dan | 10th Jun 2022 | More
    Appointments: On the move in finance

    The financial services market has been more active than ever in 2022, with the shortage of workers and significant growth leading to a flurry of activity in role and job changes.

    Ishan Dan | 9th May 2022 | More
    ‘Golden age” for quant in China

    “We all think we know China, but you won’t think of China the same way after this presentation” explained James Dunn, host of The Inside Network’s Equities and Growth Assets Symposium held in April. He was introducing Lewis Prescott, international CEO of Mingshi Investment Management, a multi-billion-dollar quantitative equity manager that recently launched in Australia….

    Ishan Dan | 28th Apr 2022 | More
    Going against “the nirvana people are expecting”

    “If you ask 100 engineers how much steel and concrete are required to build a bridge, and 99 engineers say x amount of steel and y amount of concrete, and one engineer – just one – says half of x and half of y, I think there’s probably more chance of falling pregnant via wind…

    Staff Writer | 26th Apr 2022 | More
  • ‘You don’t need to swing for the fences to get good returns’

    The passive vs. active debate remains alive and well, particularly in the larger company universe, where being different to the index is quite a challenge, and in many cases, a career risk. The consistent standout among the quarterly passive vs. active reports, however, has been the Australian smaller company sector. Globally recognised as companies valued…

    Ishan Dan | 26th Apr 2022 | More
    Passive flows creating opportunity in ‘less efficient’ global smalls

    Global smaller companies, defined broadly as those valued anywhere between $300 million and $5 billion, are offering one of the most compelling valuation opportunities in 20 years, says Simon Wood of Ausbil Investment Management. Speaking at The Inside Network’s leading Equities and Growth Assets forum this month, Wood highlighted the unique opportunity set and its…

    Drew Meredith | 26th Apr 2022 | More
    Pricing power is the only counter to inflation pressures

    ‘A thief in the night’ was the title of Stephen Hayes’ session at last weeks’ Equities and Growth Assets Symposium hosted by The Inside Network. Tasked with confronting the most significant and pressing issue facing investors and asset allocators around the world, Hayes managed to summarise it quite simple ‘pricing power’ is what really matters….

    Drew Meredith | 21st Apr 2022 | More
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