Ishan Dan

Ishan Dan

Ishan Dan is a finance journalist for Inside Network. He has written for well known finance publications such as Marcus Today, Unconventional Wisdom, MoneyandLife and The Bull. He has over 15 years’ experience in the wealth management, stockbroking, funds management, investment platforms and newsletter writing space. He is an experienced stockbroker, newsletter writer and business development manager. Considered an ‘All Rounder’ due to his varied experience, it has given him sound expertise across the entire spectrum of finance and investing, with specific expertise in portfolio construction, direct shares and managed fund investing.

ESG’s key role in Clearbridge’s award winning strategy

The Clearbridge RARE Infrastructure Income fund was last week awarded Money Management’s Fund Manager of the Year award for the Infrastructure Securities category. This comes after a strong recovery to April and an impressive long-term track record. According to Money

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Valuation gap between value and growth at ‘extreme levels’

Simon Adler, who heads up the Equity Value fund at Schroders, presented at The Inside Network’s recent Equities & Growth Assets symposium, discussing the topic, ‘The War is Over” — meaning the “war” between Value and Growth — and highlighting the opportunity set for

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IN Conversation with Colin Campbell

This week I caught up with the CEO of Carnbrea & Co, Colin Campbell to have a chat about his colourful career and the outlook for Carnbrea and the Private Wealth industry in general. For those that don’t know, Campbell

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