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Ishan Dan

Senior Journalist

Ishan a Senior Journalist covering the Inside Investor and Insider Adviser publications. Ishan has extensive experience across financial markets with roles spanning stockbroking, financial advice and platform administration. Ishan has written for well-known finance publications including Marcus Today, The Bull, MoneyandLife among others. Ishan’s varied experienced has given him sound expertise across the entire spectrum of finance and investing, with specific experience commenting on portfolio construction, direct shares and managed fund investing.

Ishan Dan results

Measuring impact key to delivering on UN SDGs

Since their adoption, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been a mixed bag with a long list of lessons learned by United Nations member states and private market investors alike.  The 17 SDGs present an opportunity to invest in the sustainable future of people and the planet. The opportunities cover a wide array of…

Ishan Dan | 6th Dec 2021 | More
Charlie Munger: Crypto creators ‘thinking about themselves’

Known for his clever wit and open frankness, investment guru Charlie Munger, reinforced his value style of investing by comparing today’s markets with that of the Dotcom boom while supporting China’s recent expansion. At the same time, voicing his concerns on the growing use of cryptocurrency, which he says should banned. Munger appeared in good…

Ishan Dan | 6th Dec 2021 | More
M&A bonanza shows no signs of slowing

The M&A boom is set to continue in 2022 according to deals frenzy set to continue into 2022, according to Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s M&A 2022 Outlook report. The Australian M&A market has sprung back to life, with current conditions paving the way for another busy year ahead,   As it stands, Australia is set for its…

Ishan Dan | 2nd Dec 2021 | More
Australia’s first Bitcoin ETF set to launch

The moment the investment world has been waiting for has come. ETF Securities appears set to be the first Australian ETF provider to launch a listed strategies that tracks the spot price of two of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Subject to regulatory approval, ETF Securities is set to launch into the crypto…

Ishan Dan | 2nd Dec 2021 | More
Australian Ethical and Green Alpha present the case for investing sustainably

At the recent Inside Network ESG Master Class, Australian Ethical’s chief investment officer, David Macri, alongside Mike Murray, head of equities, together with Garvin Jabusch, chief investment officer of  US-based asset manager Green Alpha’s long-only equity strategy, presented the case for investing sustainably across their funds. Green Alpha uses a simple yet effective long-only investment strategy. Jabusch…

Ishan Dan | 29th Nov 2021 | More
  • Stagflation looming amid the new market regime

    That nasty word keeps popping up. Stagflation. And it’s a worrying sign of things to come. Expectations for future price increases have suddenly gone from ‘transitory’ to ‘temporary’ after a rise in Australian government bond yields had the RBA scrapping its ‘yield curve control’ policy which looked to peg 2024 government yields at 0.1%. Expectations…

    Ishan Dan | 29th Nov 2021 | More
    “Plentiful opportunities for investors” despite forecasts – JP Morgan

    Post-pandemic, the global economic recovery has been effective, buoyed by strong government stimulus, both fiscal and monetary. While most of the world suffered limited scarring, many of the policy choices that were made will have an enduring impact, according to JP Morgan. The group presented its 2022 Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions (LTCMAs) which gave a…

    Ishan Dan | 29th Nov 2021 | More
    Liquid private equity opens-up high-performing asset class

    Opportunities only the private equity market can offer have been unlocked and captured by global ETF provider VanEck. The ETF provider has stepped into the private equity space with a focus on unlocking investment opportunities in start-ups, buy-outs, and project financing. Van Eck will soon list the Global Listed Private Equity ETF (ASX: GPEQ). According…

    Ishan Dan | 25th Nov 2021 | More
    Pinnacle joins white-hot private equity market

    Investment manager Pinnacle Investment Management (ASX:PNI), which runs a multi-affiliate firm, has bought into private equity investor Five V Capital, buying a 25 per cent stake for $75 million. The relatively new but well-known private equity manager has roughly $1.1 billion in funds under management and invests in market-leading, innovative businesses in industries with strong…

    Ishan Dan | 25th Nov 2021 | More
    Australia’s rich ‘bullish and confident’

    Data released from platform provider Praemium (ASX: PPS) has shown that the rich are getting richer and more confident, moving on quickly from the pandemic.   The research report, commissioned by Praemium and carried out by research company InvestmentTrends, surveyed about 11,000 investors of which 2,200 were high-net-worth; it offers valuable insights to financial advisers…

    Ishan Dan | 25th Nov 2021 | More
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