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Spread is your value factor

Low interest rates justify high equity PE’s, and that is particularly so for long duration, high growth equities. So goes the story. It’s worked in recent years and therefore the evidence is there to support the pattern. A simpler argument…

Getting back to normal with Franklin Templeton

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how global consumers learn, shop, travel and work, as well as how they fulfill entertainment and health care needs. Franklin Equity Group’s John Remmert and Donald Huber share which trends they think are permanent and…

ETF Spreads are the Real Killer

How does ETF investing go seriously wrong? If you don’t pay attention to ETF buy-sell spreads, the advantage of low MERs can evaporate.

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BNK chief executive steps down

BNK Banking Corporation’s chief executive Simon Lyons has stepped down after over four years in…

Financial Planner’s morning report – Wednesday

Global sharemarkets continued their incredible rally even as protests and riots continued in the US, following President Trump’s call to bring in the military.

Financial Planner’s morning report – Tuesday

Despite widespread geopolitical and societal tension, be it from US protests or the threat of a renewed trade war with China, the market seem to keep powering through exhibiting the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street.

Effects of OPEC+ deal on oil price

The new OPEC+ deal to cut production should help stabilise the oil market, but it’s…

Equity crowdfunding an expensive way to raise capital

On the way to receiving its banking licence in September last year, neobank Xinja used…

Beware the traps in the Government’s bankruptcy release

Businesses will get relief with changes to the bankruptcy laws but directors need to be…