Investor’s risk making the ‘cardinal sin of investing’ – Howard Marks

It shouldn’t take one of the most successful self-made hedge fund billionaires to remind us, but the warning may well be timely. In Howard Marks’ latest missive, titled ‘Selling Out’, the author highlights the biggest mistake or ‘cardinal sin’ of investing. That being to ‘sell out’ of otherwise quality assets on little more than a…

Drew Meredith | 20th Jan 2022 | More
How will Your Future, Your Super reforms impact ESG investing?

While the government’s Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) reform package, which took effect last July, has been widely derided by the industry, it is the first step in a move to requiring the industry to improve its efficiency, transparency and accountability. One of the unexpected consequences of the YFYS changes is the fact that it…

Ishan Dan | 20th Jan 2022 | More
Dixon Advisory files for voluntary administration

On Wednesday, Dixon Advisory & Superannuation Services, the division of ASX-listed E&P Financial Group (ASX:EP1) that was focused on delivering financial advice to high-net-worth clients for several decades, filed for voluntary administration. This marks the beginning of the end for what initially appeared to be an Australian success story.  According to the ASX announcement, administrators…

Drew Meredith | 20th Jan 2022 | More
Asset Allocation
Crypto platforms welcome Frydenberg’s regulations

From being a ‘crypto critic’, Australia has quickly transformed itself to soon be a ‘crypto leader’ by proposing a framework for managing cryptocurrencies and crypto companies, in the biggest shakeup in the country’s payment systems in 25 years. Covid-19 showed us how quickly society digitised its payments systems with the onset of Afterpay and its…

Ishan Dan | 16th Dec 2021 | More
Charlie Munger: Crypto creators ‘thinking about themselves’

Known for his clever wit and open frankness, investment guru Charlie Munger, reinforced his value style of investing by comparing today’s markets with that of the Dotcom boom while supporting China’s recent expansion. At the same time, voicing his concerns on the growing use of cryptocurrency, which he says should banned. Munger appeared in good…

Ishan Dan | 6th Dec 2021 | More
Asset Allocation
M&A bonanza shows no signs of slowing

The M&A boom is set to continue in 2022 according to deals frenzy set to continue into 2022, according to Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s M&A 2022 Outlook report. The Australian M&A market has sprung back to life, with current conditions paving the way for another busy year ahead,   As it stands, Australia is set for its…

Ishan Dan | 2nd Dec 2021 | More
Solving for 2022

“The previous cycle was the longest in history and it ended only due to the exogenous shock of the pandemic”. This is one of the key takeaways from global multi-asset Neuberger Berman’s latest outlook paper titled ‘Solving for 2022’. The events of 2020 and 2021 have naturally pushed the memories of 2019 further away, but for…

Industry Expert | 2nd Dec 2021 | More
Another record quarter for Praemium

Praemium (ASX:PPS) shares are up almost 4% at the time of writing following the announcement of strong growth during the second quarter. The platform recorded funds under administration of $49bn with net inflows up 12% on the same quarter last year and has closed the gap with Netwealth’s $50bn. Key results for the second quarter…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jan 2022 | More
Tech weightings the key driver of factor performance in 2021

The simplest trade may well have been the most profitable since the pandemic began. Backing big tech, the FANGs, or even the S&P500 in which they are more dominant than ever, has been a sure-fire way to deliver the strongest returns in decades to investors in balanced portfolios. But just how important have they been,…

Drew Meredith | 17th Jan 2022 | More
Asset Allocation
Inflation is like chewing gum: sticky and flexible

Leading thematic manager, Capital Group, is confident that the market downturn of 2020 was short-lived and entirely related to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to vice-chairman and president, Rob Lovelace.   Expanding on this point, he says that the “the powerful upswing in equity prices since then is simply a continuation of the bull market we’ve…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jan 2022 | More
Ringing the bell for low returns

The US sharemarket has compounded returns exceeding 18 per cent per year since the depths of the Global Financial Crisis. Despite the all-too-consistent prognostications in nearly every year since, that the market has become over-valued, investors have clearly been rewarded for taking risk. Has this performance been driven solely by central bank policy, as many…

Drew Meredith | 17th Jan 2022 | More
IN Discussion
INSight #146 with Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton

Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton shares insights with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘What would be one message for fixed income investors that you wish to share?’

The Inside Adviser | 14th Dec 2021 | WatchPause
INSight #145 with Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton

Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton shares insights with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘Do you see opportunities in fixed income markets outside of Australia?’

The Inside Adviser | 14th Dec 2021 | WatchPause
INSight #144 with Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton

Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton shares insights with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘How does you investment process deal with the low level of yields available here in Australia?’

The Inside Adviser | 14th Dec 2021 | WatchPause
INSight #143 with Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton

Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton shares insights with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘What is the relationship between inflation in Australia and inflation globally?’

The Inside Adviser | 14th Dec 2021 | WatchPause
Datt fund: 3 yrs with 15%p ave returns
The Inside Adviser | 25th Oct 2021
Angela Ashton – The Evergreen Responsible Investment Grading Index (ERIG Index)
The Inside Adviser | 14th Sep 2021
Hayden Nicholson, Bell Potter Securities
The Inside Adviser | 7th Jul 2021
IN Discussion with Chris Briant, Head of Parametric in Australia.
The Inside Adviser | 10th May 2021
Kanish Chugh explores strong returns from Biotech in recent years
The Inside Adviser | 30th Mar 2021
32% return for calendar 2020!
The Inside Adviser | 9th Mar 2021
Franklin Templeton and Quantifeed: Riding the digital wave
The Inside Adviser | 16th Dec 2020
Cor Capital’s Davin Hood discusses defensive investments to boost your portfolio.
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Chris Briant Parametric & Peter White from IN Chats
The Inside Adviser | 21st Sep 2020
Benefits of unlisted direct property funds in low yield investment environment
The Inside Adviser | 20th Sep 2020
ETF Securities: Trade your conviction
The Inside Adviser | 9th Sep 2020
Inside Analysis DATT Capital
The Inside Adviser | 8th Sep 2020
COVID-19 and the Industrial and Logistics sector: insight from Charter Hall
The Inside Adviser | 28th Jul 2020
Investors look to biotech with COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon
The Inside Adviser | 22nd Jun 2020
CEO Series with Federation AM CEO Cameron Brownjohn
The Inside Adviser | 17th Jun 2020
All weather investing
The Inside Adviser | 5th Jun 2020
Equities, dividends and Covid-19
The Inside Adviser | 5th Jun 2020
The sting in the transition tail
The Inside Adviser | 28th May 2020
Pandemic-proofing portfolios
The Inside Adviser | 6th May 2020
Future proofing investing with FAANGs
The Inside Adviser | 27th Apr 2020
RARE Infrastructure market update
The Inside Adviser | 8th Apr 2020
Quo vadis robo?
The Inside Adviser | 16th Mar 2020
Listed infrastructure is a proven defensive asset
The Inside Adviser | 16th Mar 2020
Bonds are here to stay
The Inside Adviser | 5th Feb 2020
Listed infrastructure vs. unlisted infrastructure with Charles Hamieh
The Inside Adviser | 21st Jan 2020
White label Robo Advice solutions: what, why and how ?
The Inside Adviser | 19th Aug 2019
Investing made easy with Raiz
The Inside Adviser | 28th May 2019
Clime expands offer to new markets, leads the way post Hayne.
The Inside Adviser | 23rd Apr 2019
Agri sector still inspiring investors
The Inside Adviser | 8th Apr 2019
Australian equities: Clouded by political, economic and credit uncertainty
The Inside Adviser | 26th Mar 2019
Steady Income from infrastructure.
The Inside Adviser | 11th Mar 2019
Residential house prices are falling…but what about commercial property?
The Inside Adviser | 4th Dec 2018
Are we there yet? Late cycle investing and infrastructure.
The Inside Adviser | 13th Nov 2018
‘Industrial strength’ investing
The Inside Adviser | 25th Sep 2018
The attractions of Global Listed infrastructure for long term investors explained
The Inside Adviser | 7th Sep 2018
Commercial Property Trusts in a SMSF? Shed’s Peter White chats with Thinktank CEO Jonathan Street.
The Inside Adviser | 28th Aug 2018
Industry fund transparency push to level the playing field

There was both despair and positivity when the much-anticipated changes to the transparency of industry super fund proposals was released recently. Both 2020 and 2021 have seen growing pressure on the industry fund sector from the Coalition government and a number of committees as they sought to lift the lid on the massive part of…

Drew Meredith | 22nd Nov 2021 | More
Industry super switching amid pandemic under review

The regulatory focus has once again returned to the industry or union superannuation fund sector in recent weeks. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission disclosed that they had been investigating the investment decisions of super fund executives at as many of 23 funds amid the pandemic. The incredibly uncertain times that occurred in March 2020…

Staff Writer | 28th Oct 2021 | More
In Practice
Time to take a stand on punitive financial advice compliance

Dissatisfied with the way in which financial advisers are being treated, the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP) has taken a stand, launching a political movement to voice their concerns. The body says, “the current Coalition government have unfairly targeted financial advisers for their own political purposes. Consumers have become collateral damage by either…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jan 2022 | More
Legal practice popular with advisers acquired

Dwindling financial adviser numbers have dropped below the 20,000 mark, hitting a five-year low.  And although it’s been a difficult few year for some wealth managers, others have evolved during the pandemic, finding themselves head and shoulders above the rest. Sequoia Financial Group (ASX: SEQ) is one of these, having recently acquired Topdocs Legal, a…

Ishan Dan | 13th Jan 2022 | More
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