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Expensive assets suffer most when bubbles burst: Orbis Investment

Since tulipmania, good investment ideas have regularly been turned inside out after being taken to extremes. With 2021 setting all sorts of trading records, this presents an ‘alarming’ trend, especially for passive investors with lazy exposures.

Rob Perrone, Eric Marais & Shane Woldendorp | 7th Dec 2023 | More
From cost centre to growth lever: Compliance that wins business

Compliance leaders are at the centre of a transformational time in regulatory adherence and risk management, argues fintech provider Complii in this new whitepaper.

Complii | 30th Nov 2023 | More
  • Sunrise on Venus: Preparing for the investment environment of the next decade

    Using long-term data, Orbis Investment Management have been able to map out the current investment environment and chart a decade-long path of challenges and opportunities ahead in this pivotal whitepaper. 

    Rob Perrone, Eric Marais & Shane Woldendorp | 20th Nov 2023 | More
    Impending US recession provides opportunities for sage investors: Royce

    Fear of an impending recession in the US has been hashed out for more than 18 months now, says Francis Gannon. The reasons are myriad, but not enough people are talking about what shape a recovery would take and how investors should position themselves.

    Francis Gannon | 3rd Jul 2023 | More
  • Alternative investments go mainstream and reshape the retirement paradigm

    Up until recently, alternative investments were only really open to institutional investors, but with these now available at a wholesale and retail level the retirement strategy game has changed.

    Tony Davidow | 15th Jun 2023 | More
    A few bad apples, or is the whole financial orchard at risk?

    The crippling doom loop between the banks and the real economy we saw in 2008 is unlikely to feature in the coming recession, says Ruffer’s Jamie Dannhauser, who is more concerned about a violent liquidation in financial markets.

    Jamie Dannhauser | 25th May 2023 | More
    A rocky net zero pathway: Amundi

    Taking a long-term view of disruptive trends, and their implications on long-term asset class forecasts and strategic allocation, Amundi shares its updated annual capital market assumptions publication.

    Staff Writer | 18th May 2023 | More
    Getting a clear view of the gap between stock picking and proactive management

    Proactive management and stock picking are, in some ways, two sides of the same coin. But advisers and investors should be aware of their fundamental differences according to HMC Capital.

    HMC Capital | 20th Mar 2023 | More
    Why we don’t invest in Afterpay: Australian Ethical

    The ethical investment house believes consumer credit can be positive for society if it is used to buy useful items. But companies like Afterpay focus on impulse purchases that are more likely to push vulnerable Australians into financial over commitment.

    Australian Ethical | 2nd Mar 2023 | More
  • Why private debt is a better way to get companies to meet ESG goals

    While ESG arose in the space of listed equities, private debt managers can be more effective than equity funds or other fixed income investors in getting companies to meet their ESG goals.

    Andrew Lockhart | 14th Dec 2022 | More
    Ruffer and the art of bubble spotting

    Sir Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists in history; he founded classical mechanics and the law of universal gravitation. For all that, he lost his life savings in the South Sea Bubble of 1720.

    Lauren French | 8th Dec 2022 | More
    Gold as currency hedging

    Investors considering gold sometimes wonder about currency hedging. As gold trades in US dollars, Australians who buy it make a twofold bet.

    Staff Writer | 1st Nov 2022 | More
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