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Advice coalition proposes broader education slate for new entrants

The representative working group is lobbying the government for a broader section of study to be eligible for credit within the ‘equivalent degree’ requirement for advisers in the hope that more people will be encouraged to join the profession.

Tahn Sharpe | 29th Apr 2024 | More
Explaining advice not enough, consumers need to be convinced: CFS

While financial advisers remain at the heart of the issue, the role of convincing consumers about the value of advice is shared with government and the industry at large.

Staff Writer | 29th Jan 2024 | More
  • Education bonds an investment in a smarter future: Foresters

    With the right application, education bonds can provide a long term savings plan for a child or grandchild’s education that is both flexible and tax-savvy.

    Staff Writer | 14th Sep 2023 | More
    Experienced adviser pathway… is it a free pass?

    The advisers taking advantage of the government’s decision to provide a free pass on education would do well to remember that future governments might not be so generous, writes Helen Nan.

    Helen Nan | 29th Jun 2023 | More
  • ‘Experience pathway’ plan released, with no sunset clause and a bizarre anomaly

    Advisers can practice without a relevant degree for around 30 years according to the draft proposal. They do need a clean record, however – but only up to the end of 2021.

    Tahn Sharpe | 20th Apr 2023 | More
    Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction Symposium Summary

    It has become clear that investment returns will be challenging in the coming decade. The focus on intra-sector questions like value versus growth, energy or financials and duration versus credit obscures the larger decision on asset allocation and portfolio construction. Strategic asset allocation has long been appreciated as the major source of long-term returns, yet…

    The Inside Adviser | 28th Nov 2022 | More
    Release reins of general advice to reset market: Vanguard

    The closing of submissions for the Quality of Advice review saw a flurry of detailed proposals released in recent weeks.

    Drew Meredith | 4th Jul 2022 | More
    Don’t believe the inflation hype

    From the outset, it is important to highlight that I do not disagree that interest rates should be higher than the current ’emergency’ settings by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

    Drew Meredith | 2nd May 2022 | More
    Switch to regtech – ASIC to finfluencers

    ASIC says Regtech could be a great solution after it effectively banned finfluencers from giving unlicensed financial advice with hefty prison time and financial penalties. The corporate regulator has cracked-down on finfluencers spruiking online financial rubbish through social media and stepped up its warnings. ASIC says “unlicensed finfluencers could face five years’ jail time or…

    Ishan Dan | 14th Apr 2022 | More
  • Tapping into the power of female clients

    As an adviser, you want your clients to be educated on the importance of financial advice.  Research has shown that a one-size-fits-all approach to communication isn’t the most effective tactic and while it’s near impossible to customise messages person to person, it turns out that it’s quite easy to customise them by one big factor…

    Jacquelyn Mann | 7th Apr 2022 | More
    Financial advice lessons from Billions

    While watching one of the most popular TV series in recent years, Billions, which follows the story of hedge fund billionaires, you wouldn’t necessarily expect to gain business ideas or insights. Perhaps investment ideas given that the characters in the series are known for pushing the limits to generate the maximum return possible, but definitely…

    Drew Meredith | 31st Mar 2022 | More
    Do investors face a crowding of green risk?

    Following-on from the COP26 meeting last November, there has been a tectonic shift towards “green” asset investments to ensure that the (voluntary) national goals of the Paris Agreement are met, and there is a rapid reduction of carbon-dioxide emissions to ‘net zero’ levels. The Australian Financial Review said that as of September 30, “sustainable funds…

    Ishan Dan | 28th Mar 2022 | More
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