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Release reins of general advice to reset market: Vanguard

The closing of submissions for the Quality of Advice review saw a flurry of detailed proposals released in recent weeks. While the key points remained the same across most of the associations, that being clarity on consent and disclosure, removing the safe-harbour provisions and greater tax deductibility, proposals from the other side of the fence…

Drew Meredith | 4th Jul 2022 | More
Regulation Impact Statement to be prepared post fact

Following the 2009 Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services Inquiry into Financial Products and Services in Australia, the FoFA reforms were developed. It identified conflicted remuneration as a leading cause of poor financial advice that was provided to clients. The resolution was to ban conflicted remuneration and to thereby remove the conflict between…

Ishan Dan | 30th Jun 2022 | More
  • ATO draws up hit list for 2021-22 tax returns

    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has warned people not to make the mistake of double-dipping their deductions in their tax return this year after identifying this as a common problem, especially in relation to work-related expenses. Assistant Commissioner Tim Loh said that around 8.4 million Australians claimed nearly $19.8 billion in work-related expenses in 2021.  “That’s a…

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 10th Jun 2022 | More
    Rate hike cycle overestimated: Franklin’s Canobi

    Whilst there are growing signs that inflation is moderating around the world, whether in the US, UK or Australia, some 125 of the world’s central banks are current in the process of tightening monetary policy. The result, according to Andrew Canobi, Portfolio Manager of the Franklin Absolute Return Bond Fund, is that monetary policy is…

    Drew Meredith | 6th Jun 2022 | More
  • Policy important, but consumer preference key to sustainable returns

    “We have seen a monumental shift in the way consumers act in recent years” explained Emilie O’Neill of Perennial Better Future when discussing the key factors set to drive returns in sustainability-focused businesses for decades to come. On a recently released podcast, the dedicated ESG unit within Perennial flagged policy changes, cost of capital, technology…

    Staff Writer | 26th May 2022 | More
    Super wars renewed by Morrison ahead of election

    Once a stalking horse for a small cabal of noisy backbenchers, “Home First, Super Second” has found its way into the Coalition’s policy arsenal ahead of an unpredictable election. It was perhaps premature to write, in late March, that the super wars were over. Scott Morrison’s announcement on Sunday that first home buyers would be able…

    Lachlan Maddock | 19th May 2022 | More
    Mixed views on Federal Government property proposals

    The Liberal Party joined the ALP in focusing on housing affordability during their formal campaign launch this week. The announcement was headlined by two fairly major policy changes, one of which wasn’t automatically accepted by the ALP, as has been the case for both parties for some time. The first change, which has been flagged…

    Drew Meredith | 16th May 2022 | More
    Fertility rate set to rise, bond yields with it

    Aging populations are putting strain on pension and health care systems and the Covid-19 pandemic, by causing people to delay births and pushing up the number of dependents, hasn’t helped. But new research from BCA Research predicts a rebound in fertility rates in the years ahead, though this could pressure bond yields higher. The number…

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 9th May 2022 | More
    ‘Safety first’ pays off for Ruffer

    All fund managers like to talk about protecting capital, but at Ruffer Investment Management, it is a more embedded philosophy than most. The firm was founded by Jonathan Ruffer on the principle that “investors like making money, but they hate losing money more.” Ruffer is built to preserve capital for the long-term:  centred on “absolute-return investing with…

    James Dunn | 28th Apr 2022 | More
  • U.S. Fed rate hike implications for portfolios

    The US central bank announced a quarter percentage point increase in its benchmark rate overnight, which was widely expected. For the first time in three years has it increased rates and it expected to keep this going until they reach between 1.75 percent and  2 percent by the years end. Sonal Desai, CIO of Global…

    Ishan Dan | 17th Mar 2022 | More
    Crypto platforms welcome Frydenberg’s regulations

    From being a ‘crypto critic’, Australia has quickly transformed itself to soon be a ‘crypto leader’ by proposing a framework for managing cryptocurrencies and crypto companies, in the biggest shakeup in the country’s payment systems in 25 years. Covid-19 showed us how quickly society digitised its payments systems with the onset of Afterpay and its…

    Ishan Dan | 16th Dec 2021 | More
    SMSFA partners with Deakin and Kaplan

    Deakin University, the largest provider of postgraduate qualifications to the financial planning sector this week announced a partnership with the SMSF Association. Along with Kaplan Professional, Deakin will allow students in their Master of Financial Planning degrees to complete SMSF Association accredited requirements. The course will include a unit that meets the educational requirement to…

    Staff Writer | 23rd Sep 2021 | More