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Blood, booms and ‘barefoot millionaires’: The Anthony Menico story

You can’t judge a book by its cover in the far north of Australia, says adviser Anthony Menico. Sometimes it’s the most unassuming clients that have the most complex financial advice needs.

James Dunn | 20th Nov 2023 | More
No slowing down for the Indiana Jones of Emerging Markets

The emerging markets pioneer turned a $100 million fund into a $60 billion behemoth over 30 years. And even now, well past 80, Mark Mobius still spends 250 days of the year on the road researching companies.

James Dunn | 12th Oct 2023 | More
  • The deceased-estate detective with a nose for lost shares

    Handling emotionally charged phone calls as a Lifeline counsellor taught Jon Moses the patience required to conduct forensic searches for lost shares and dividends belonging to deceased estates.

    James Dunn | 5th Oct 2023 | More
    Paul Nicol came for the advice, stuck around for the career

    A visit to an adviser at a young age gave Paul Nicol pause for thought. Instead of just investing with the help of a financial planner, why not put in the hard work and become one?

    Staff Writer | 14th Sep 2023 | More
  • Meet Josh Lee, an advice director at 27 with a full book of clients and millions of online fans

    By age 24 he had more clients than he could handle. On his 26th birthday Josh was appointed as a director at Link Wealth Group. “I hit the ground running,” he says. “I enjoyed doing it and just engulfed myself in it.”

    Tahn Sharpe | 14th Aug 2023 | More
    The disorder of the Phoenix: A Ruffer story

    Hatry’s downfall certainly provides a cautionary tale of the dangers of financial excess and the depths individuals will plumb in seeking to avoid exposure and catastrophe.

    Hannah Nairn | 3rd Aug 2023 | More
    Advisers, banks winning back consumer trust: ASX report

    The public appears to be rewarding efforts to reshape the financial advice and banking industries after the royal commission, with advisers and the banks both enjoying an increase in faith across the community.

    Tahn Sharpe | 22nd Jun 2023 | More
    AMP flattens advice hierarchy with Hartley’s chief executive role ‘removed’

    Hartley, who joined AMP from Sunsuper in January 2021, will help transition the AWM business to a flatter human resource model before leaving the group in late November.

    Tahn Sharpe | 29th May 2023 | More
    Fine fleece to financial planning: The advice journey of Invest Blue CEO David Stephen

    To give him a taste of the farming life, Stephen’s father sent him to a neighbour who offered him $400 per week in wages, with $200 of that quarantined by his employer for rent and bills. He declined, and headed straight into a career in financial advice. “I was going to be a wool baron, until I very quickly wasn’t,” he says.

    Tahn Sharpe | 22nd May 2023 | More
  • Ripoll: FoFA righted the ship, but QAR is right for its time

    While FoFA was the right policy for its era, Ripoll says the industry has come a long way and has different needs. The Quality of Advice Review’s proposals are an “important step” for today’s industry, he believes.

    Nicholas Way | 1st May 2023 | More
    Broadway, financial advice and Kilimanjaro: The Anne Graham story

    Anne Graham and her fellow co-founders named their advice business Story Wealth because they believe every client has a compelling story to tell. Turns out Anne’s own story is quite the odyssey, as well.

    James Dunn | 26th Apr 2023 | More
    ‘Hopefully, there isn’t much more pain to come’: AMP’s Mousina focusses on big picture

    AMP recently promoted senior economist Diana Mousina to a new role, deputy chief economist, in recognition of her achievements and succession path. Like other economists, Mousina sees a recession on the cards for Australia, although the timeline may be longer than many hope.

    Lisa Uhlman | 20th Apr 2023 | More
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