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Secular vs. cyclical and the challenge of confirmation bias

As a financial adviser, making the right decisions matters. Not just for your client’s investment returns but for your confidence as well.

Ishan Dan | 1st Aug 2022 | More
Quality of advice review focused on advisers, not consumers

As one of the lawyers at the coalface of supporting impacted consumers both before and after the revelations of the Royal Commission, Maurice Blackburn is in a unique position to provide input into the Quality of Advice review.

Drew Meredith | 11th Jul 2022 | More
  • ‘Let professionals be professionals’: The call ahead of Quality of Advice Review

    Given the flood of changes and regulatory oversight that has resulted from the Royal Commission, it likely comes as a surprise to many that the impending Quality of Advice Review, was actually a recommendation of Commissioner Hayne.

    Drew Meredith | 23rd May 2022 | More
    Communicate – before it’s too late

    Do you know the name of your number 1 client?  I am sure you do.  What about the name of your number 20 client? Or your number 43 client?  

    Jacquelyn Mann | 5th May 2022 | More
  • Akambo bulks up via merger with First Financial

    Following on from the Banking Royal Commission of 2017-18, the growing popularity of boutique independent financial advisers has grown consistently, with clients seeing value in advisers that are building strong personal relationships and providing a consistent high-quality service to their clients. Boutique advisory firms typically have a niche area of expertise where they can differentiate…

    Ishan Dan | 11th Apr 2022 | More
    Perennial Better Future Trust performance review

    Perennial Partners’ sustainable small cap equities fund, the Perennial Better Future Trust, was up 2.4% net of fees in December, beating the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index’s return of 1.4%. The trust has been in operation for almost four years, since inception in February 2018, and has grown to exceed $100 million in assets. The…

    Ishan Dan | 24th Jan 2022 | More
    Markets in ‘thrall of the Fed’, overly hawkish on rates

    “Learning to live with COVID will be the major theme of 2022,” according to Ken Leech, chief investment officer of leading fixed income manager Western Asset. But not necessarily in the way we think. As the Omicron variant ravages Australia and other parts of the developed world, Leech highlights continuing travel restrictions and lower vaccination…

    Drew Meredith | 24th Jan 2022 | More
    Eleece Quilliam discusses the power of communication

    If the financial advice industry needed a passionate advocate, it only has to call on Eleece Quilliam. The National Manager of Invesco Consulting in Australia is impressively adamant in her belief in the importance of advice. “I love working with advisers, because I genuinely believe that what they do is up there with the likes…

    James Dunn | 6th Dec 2021 | More
    Charlie Munger: Crypto creators ‘thinking about themselves’

    Known for his clever wit and open frankness, investment guru Charlie Munger, reinforced his value style of investing by comparing today’s markets with that of the Dotcom boom while supporting China’s recent expansion. At the same time, voicing his concerns on the growing use of cryptocurrency, which he says should banned. Munger appeared in good…

    Ishan Dan | 6th Dec 2021 | More
  • Advice clients seeking growth, not “risk aversion”

    Choose your words wisely Communication is one of the most important tools we have. It gives us the ability to exchange information with each other, it forms the foundation of all our relationships, and is the means that all humans use to connect. The words we choose not only provide information but communicate a powerful…

    Eleece Quilliam | 28th Oct 2021 | More
    ‘It’s all in the eyes’ when pitching potential clients

    Virtual meetings mastered: The Core Skills Our brains are hardwired to connect with other people; we are social beings. We rely heavily on our ability to gather as much sensory information as possible about whether we want to pursue a connection, a conversation or relationship. It takes seconds to gather this information and use it…

    Eleece Quilliam | 14th Oct 2021 | More
    Advisers can capitalise on YFYS

    Whether we like it or not, the industry super fund sector has been one of the biggest competitors to financial advisers supporting retail clients. The combination of significant marketing budgets, strong headline returns and a near-clean-sheet through the Royal Commission has made the industry funds synonymous with superannuation in Australia.  I have little doubt that…

    Drew Meredith | 30th Sep 2021 | More
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