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Owen Raszkiewicz is the Founder Rask Australia, a leading investment adviser, news, education and investment research platform. Prior to founding Rask, Owen was an investment analyst at the highly regarded managed funds research business Zenith Investment Partners and a Writer/Analyst for The Motley Fool Australia. GENERAL ADVICE WARNING: Any information published by Owen is limited to general financial advice only (under AFSL: 383 169). Please consult and trusted financial adviser before acting on the information.

Simple rules for creating a lifelong investment portfolio

Last year, one of Australia’s leading investors and fund managers walked into my office for a recording of The Australian Investors Podcast. I had just been scribbling some notes on my whiteboard about philosophy, discount rates and practical aspects of investing…

Rask’s 10 rules for investing in the stock market

At Rask Australia, we believe an investment strategy and process should change when the facts change, as John Maynard Keynes famously said.

ETF Spreads are the Real Killer

How does ETF investing go seriously wrong? If you don’t pay attention to ETF buy-sell spreads, the advantage of low MERs can evaporate.

Rask Podcast with Contact’s Tom Millner & Will Culbert

The latest instalment of Rask Australia’s The Australian Investors Podcast features portfolio managers Tom Millner and Will Culbert from Contact Asset Management. 

Are CBA shares worth $49?

Dividends from Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA) shares and the ‘Big Four’ have been put under the microscope. So far, CBA has held up the best of the majors. Below, I take you through how an analyst would look…

Bonds, ETFs or cash?

The Vanguard Australia Fixed Income ETF (ASX: VAF) has been included in the Rask ETF model portfolios for quite some time. VAF invests in a basket of Australian bonds issued by the government (“treasuries”) and semi-government bodies (e.g. State Governments). The rest of…

Five reasons to fall in love with the Xero Limited share price

I know it’s not very professional — nor profitable — to fall in the love with a company, even if the performance of the Xero Limited share price still manages to bring a tear to this shareholder’s eye… XRO share price –…

Using digital tools to solve an online advice crisis

Our investment advice business attracts tens of thousands of readers every week, tens of thousands of listeners to our podcasts every month and an unstoppable and automated flow of new prospects. The craziest thing about all of it is I…