Owen Raszkiewicz

Owen Raszkiewicz

Owen Raszkiewicz is a husband, brother, son and parent of two pets. When he is not doing that, he is the Founder of Rask Australia and lead Investment Analyst for Rask Invest, his members-only share research service. Owen is the host of two podcast series: The Australian Investors Podcast and The Australian Finance Podcast, two of Australia’s top-ranked investing and finance podcasts, attracting thousands of listeners each day. To see the shares & ETFs Owen owns and recommends, consider joining Rask Invest.

Simple rules for creating a lifelong investment portfolio

Last year, one of Australia’s leading investors and fund managers walked into my office for a recording of The Australian Investors Podcast. I had just been scribbling some notes on my whiteboard about philosophy, discount rates and practical aspects of investing

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Are CBA shares worth $49?

Dividends from Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX: CBA) shares and the ‘Big Four’ have been put under the microscope. So far, CBA has held up the best of the majors. Below, I take you through how an analyst would look

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