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What makes a good financial advice client?

When a client posed the question to Wattle Partners adviser Drew Meredith it caught him off guard: “Am I good client?” they asked. “How could I be better?”

Drew Meredith | 21st Sep 2023 | More
Bridging the generational divide key to ‘daunting’ Professional Year

When an industry full of Gen X and Baby Boomer advisers is assigned the task of training swathes of largely millennial acolytes, there’s bound to be a few bones of contention according to Brisbane adviser Jaxon King.

Jaxon King | 11th Sep 2023 | More
Tax deductibility review a ray of hope for adviser community

Advisers are rallying around the prospect of upfront advice fees becoming tax deductible after the ATO announced a review of Tax Determination 95/60.

Tahn Sharpe | 16th Jan 2023 | More
  • The biggest advice and investment stories of 2022

    The release of Michelle Levy’s preliminary advice review recommendations topped this year’s most read stories, yet the proliferation of well-read articles that carried an investment theme highlighted the interest of advisers in finding content evaluating what has been a choppy year in markets.

    Tahn Sharpe | 19th Dec 2022 | More
    8 things clients want advisers to know about them

    Clients want advisers to ask them questions. They want advisers to know more about them, and research from Invesco Global Consulting can shed some light on the specific things they want to know about.

    Jacquelyn Mann | 24th Nov 2022 | More
    Dunbar’s number and the advice client quantum query

    With the mass exodus of advisers reaching its nadir, advisers are taking on more and more clients. Dunbar’s theory shows just how unsustainable this is.

    Ishan Dan | 30th Sep 2022 | More
  • Gambling operator woes highlight draconian advice industry regime

    The inability of major casino operators – and many other ‘respected’ professions – to run a clean sheet is galling for an advice industry beset with stifling levels of regulation.

    Drew Meredith | 26th Sep 2022 | More
    Affordability drives discussion, but it isn’t the right question

    The question, in my view, isn’t what is affordable. It’s this: what price should we be willing to pay for long-term financial security?

    Drew Meredith | 12th Sep 2022 | More
  • Insignia’s ANZ and MLC moves show dividends

    The integration of its marquee business acquisitions has helped the nation’s largest provider of financial advice services turn the corner.

    Tahn Sharpe | 25th Aug 2022 | More
    Holding the line – the real adviser challenge

    The tendency to relent to client commentary, which in many cases is driven by headlines and sentiment, is one of the biggest detractors from long-term returns.

    Drew Meredith | 22nd Aug 2022 | More