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‘Collective wisdom of the past’: Foresters Financial notches 175 years

Key to the ongoing survival of Foresters, the CEO explained, has been the ability to continually reinvent its product offering over generations while retaining its core ethos of being a member-owned friendly society.

Staff Writer | 29th Feb 2024 | More
Securitisation stays strong through market turmoil, propped by non-bank lending growth

Even the RBA is extolling the virtues of the role non-bank and private lenders play in Australia’s financial ecosystem, with the sector providing investors with another critical path to volatility protection through diversification.

Lisa Uhlman | 15th Jan 2024 | More
  • Investment bonds ‘ideal vehicle’ to protect will wishes: Foresters

    Transferring wealth between estates can be problematic, but investment bonds can add surety by dint of their position outside of a deceased estate according to Foresters Financial.

    Staff Writer | 18th Dec 2023 | More
    Investors turning to private investment as companies shy away from listing

    At this point companies have so many avenues to raise capital that listing in only one of several options. As a result companies are staying private for longer, and direct investors are taking notice.

    Staff Writer | 27th Jul 2023 | More
  • Private equity vs public equity: Can you have the best of both worlds?

    Private equity may provide outsized returns, but it comes with a liquidity catch. Traditional listed equity investing doesn’t, but it has its own drawbacks. Combine the two, says HMC’s Victoria Hardie, and you have a better balance.

    HMC Capital | 15th May 2023 | More
    Managed fund levels head back toward record highs as returns improve

    Growth in superannuation drove Australia’s managed fund industry to near-record levels in the December 2022 quarter. While most asset classes delivered positive returns and Australian equities outperformed, investors are looking more to offshore assets for portfolio diversification.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 10th Mar 2023 | More
    In falling markets, dollar-cost averaging can help reduce exposure

    Dollar-cost averaging allows investors to be in the market for the good days as well as the bad. This can help reduce exposure to market declines, as recent research shines light on the difficulty of timing the market.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 9th Mar 2023 | More
    Term deposit rates rise, but savers need to shop around

    As the RBA’s rate hiking campaign appears to approach its peak, investors looking to lock in term deposits should shop around to find the best rates, analysts say, warning that the complacent risk missing out.

    Nicki Bourlioufas | 6th Feb 2023 | More
    What non-bank lenders must consider before issuing a private loan

    Australian non-bank lenders are making incursions against the big banks, but have many considerations during the loan decision making process to ensure proper loan structuring.

    Ishan Dan | 30th Sep 2022 | More
  • Big banks at global ‘inflection point’ as challengers play to their strengths

    A global study has shown that the problems faced by the Big4 are universal; incumbent banks may have the data, products, infrastructure and capital, but it doesn’t guarantee customer primacy.

    Tahn Sharpe | 26th Sep 2022 | More
    Interest rate hikes won’t be felt until December

    Higher rates are leading to property prices rolling over and investors rushing for the exits. As ever, though, in times of pressure loan serviceability remains key.

    Lachlan Buur-Jensen | 15th Sep 2022 | More
    The changing face of fixed income

    Bill Prendergast discusses the role of fixed income and its role in portfolios today.

    Ishan Dan | 8th Aug 2022 | More