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Active bond managers careful what they wish for

Many end-investors might assume that it is equities managers that are most at risk from whipsawing jerks in market sentiment, but fixed-income managers, too, can find themselves out of position very quickly, as something they did not see coming… comes.

James Dunn | 11th May 2023 | More
Investors revisiting 60/40 split as slowdown threatens share returns

The traditional 60/40 portfolio mix of shares and bonds may be due a shakeup in 2023, as market participants look to add fixed-income exposure to help offset a potentially weak year for equities.

Nicki Bourlioufas | 23rd Jan 2023 | More
Fixed income the consensus trade of 2023 as investors get defensive

This year’s recalibration of bond prices now reflects the higher interest rate environment, making future returns attractive again for fixed income in 2023 as deteriorating fundamentals threaten other asset classes.

Lachlan Buur-Jensen | 12th Dec 2022 | More
  • Too soon for a Fed pivot, but fixed income looks promising: Atchison

    Investors are flocking to risk stocks in the hope of an early Fed pivot following a better-than-expected US inflation report. While it is too early for a pivot, according to Atchison Consultants, the longer-term outlook for fixed income is positive.

    Ishan Dan | 12th Dec 2022 | More
    Fixed income bond indices prove problematic when assessing performance

    Atchison Consultants’ Kevin Toohey on why bond benchmarks only cover a slice of a diverse universe.

    Ishan Dan | 25th Aug 2022 | More
    Flexibility still the key to fixed income success: INDepth with Adam Grotzinger from Neuberger Berman

    Adam Grotzinger from Neuberger Berman goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘Flexibility still the key to fixed income success’.

    The Inside Adviser | 22nd Apr 2022 | More
  • Flexible duration strategies pacing fixed income flows

    Fixed income allocations have experienced a difficult 12 months, with both performance and sentiment turning against the sector. The threat of higher interest rates has seen volatility in Government bond markets reach levels not seen in decades. With many experts now suggesting that the duration “tailwind” is over, being the capital gains offered by bonds…

    Staff Writer | 31st May 2021 | More
    Neuberger Berman’s fixed income strategies for the times

    With records still being set by both equities and bond markets, investor uncertainty abounds. It would seem that these times are made for both active management and experience. Among bond markets, the possibility of higher inflation, especially in the US, is prompting fears of rising interest rates, and therefore falling prices, with investors looking further…

    Greg Bright | 27th May 2021 | More
  • More questions than answers despite the macro consensus

    Conversations on investment matters are wide-ranging. Many enjoy the ethereal world of big picture debates. Identifying these in the long run has been critical, but only a handful matter. Interest rates are the perennial, though rarely has the consensus been right. Over much of the past decade the expectation has been that rates will inevitably…

    Giselle Roux | 20th May 2021 | More
    Challenger-backed Fidante’s busy year continues

    Challenger Financial Group (ASX: CGF) and its suite of asset management businesses have started 2021 off the same way 2020 finished. As part of their half yearly accounts, the company flagged a partnership with $500 billion Japanese asset manager Nomura Asset Management as both seek global diversification. According to the deal, Nomura and Fidante will work…

    Staff Writer | 11th Mar 2021 | More