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Supply comes into housing market as new property dichotomy emerges

All major cities had an increase in national property listings during the month of February, but when you pan out and look at the YoY figure, some eye-popping trends emerge.

Staff Writer | 18th Apr 2024 | More
Breaking traditions and investing for real estate’s new era

In real estate, investors need to think more broadly than the traditional sectors of office buildings and shopping centres. Digital infrastructure and industrial property are one way to update the portfolio.

Staff Writer | 8th Apr 2024 | More
  • Seasonal change deepens property rental market extremes: SQM Research

    The nation’s rental crisis is deepening, with available dwellings across major cities at just one per cent and the asking price for rents reaching eye-watering levels. According to SQM, seasonal factors are also coming into play.

    Staff Writer | 25th Mar 2024 | More
    Beyond bricks and mortar: 2024’s best listed property fund managers unveiled

    For many Australians, REITS have been a cornerstone for those looking to dip their toes into the property market without the traditional barriers of direct ownership. So, who were some top performing managers as at January 2024?

    Will Arnost | 7th Mar 2024 | More
  • ‘No shortage of issues’ with overseas property investing for SMSFs: Deloitte

    There are far simpler avenues to overseas diversification for your SMSF than property, but if you are going to take this complex, and somewhat risky route, you better do your homework.

    Staff Writer | 4th Mar 2024 | More
    Direct property resilience: 2023’s best property funds revealed

    It may be a lumpy asset with unpredictable returns and high relative costs, but Australian property is our nation’s beating investment heart. So who was the best fund manager for these mercurial assets last year?

    Will Arnost | 26th Feb 2024 | More
    Residential property prices hitting uncharted territory: SQM Research

    After a minor blip in 2022 residential property prices are once again soaring to new heights, driven largely by the asking price for houses in major capital cities. But not all is gold for sellers in the country.

    Staff Writer | 13th Nov 2023 | More
    ‘Opportunity rich’ healthcare sector a high conviction play for HMC

    The real estate fund’s launch underscores the commercial juggernaut’s belief that the healthcare sector opportunity is a significant one.

    Staff Writer | 2nd Nov 2023 | More
    Property listings surge as prices hit record highs: SQM Research

    It may not be a boom, but the marked increase in new listings, total listings and aggregate asking price for properties across the country in September reflects a healthy spring market according to the researcher.

    Staff Writer | 23rd Oct 2023 | More
  • Is now the REIT time to buy?

    By their very nature, REITs are heavily leveraged and hugely sensitive to rate hikes. There is plenty of devaluation floating around, but there could also be a lot more around the corner.

    Matthew O'Leary | 19th Oct 2023 | More
    Industrial property push here to stay: Charter Hall

    With the lowest vacancy rate for industrial land in the developed world, Australia’s biggest challenge in the sector is keeping up with demand. But there’s no easy fix, says property group Charter Hall.

    Staff Writer | 16th Oct 2023 | More
    REITs go through ‘structural megatrends’ as fundies pivot in different ways

    Investors and consultants are bending their efforts to find navigable paths around headwinds buffeting the commercial real estate sector.

    Tahn Sharpe | 21st Sep 2023 | More
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