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Howlin’s Research IP to expand into NZ

Another investment platform is due to arrive in NZ within weeks under the ‘Flint Wealth’ brand. It is an equal partnership between Brisbane-based Research IP, run by well-known Australian advisery market identity Darren Howlin, and NZ’s Harbour Asset Management and Trustee Executors.

David Chaplin | 19th Aug 2020 | More
6 Pearls of Wisdom From June

What a month, with markets rallying again, capping off the strongest quarter for the ASX in more than 20 years. The technology-focused Nasdaq reached all-time highs and the S&P 500 had its best quarter since 1938. The month continued the ‘changing of the guard’ trend, with the old-fashioned, capital intensive sectors, such as property, energy…

Drew Meredith | 6th Jul 2020 | More
  • What if?

    Portfolio construction is a function of possibilities. Equity versus fixed income is the obvious; equity the potential of capital growth, and fixed income the promise of low-yet-secure returns. You can test returns based on evidence from whatever historic time frame you care to choose to prove the point. Click and drag the forecast, QED, quod…

    Geff Gebler | 29th Jun 2020 | More
    Six must make changes to portfolios before 30 June

    As the financial year comes to a close, it’s worth reflecting on what we have just experienced; not just in investment terms, but our health and community. COVID-19 will have long-lasting impacts on our lives and has resulted in one of the most unique investment environments in history. Markets experienced one of the fastest collapses…

    Drew Meredith | 24th Jun 2020 | More
  • Simple rules for creating a lifelong investment portfolio

    Last year, one of Australia’s leading investors and fund managers walked into my office for a recording of The Australian Investors Podcast. I had just been scribbling some notes on my whiteboard about philosophy, discount rates and practical aspects of investing in high growth companies for the long run. He saw some of my chicken scratches,…

    Owen Raszkiewicz | 11th Jun 2020 | More
    A 10-point plan to avoid recession

    The world economy is teetering on a knife edge: the Chinese and Indian economies were slowing even before the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and as Australia was recovering from one of its worst bushfires.

    Raja Junankar | 10th Mar 2020 | More
    Proceed with caution in emerging markets

    Investing in emerging markets is a bit like making a soufflé: it’s a courageous undertaking fraught with the risk of things not working out as hoped. EM economies may be buffeted by political strife, currency crises, and other upheavals, leaving investors a bit deflated.

    Jennifer Sireklove | 13th Aug 2019 | More
    Help wanted, advice needed… digital wealth to the rescue

    Fewer people in Australia are likely to get financial advice in the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission – the inevitable consequence of implementing the final report’s wide-ranging recommendations.

    Graeme Brant | 2nd Jul 2019 | More
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