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Who will repay the debt?

Despite a brief moment in the sun during the depths of the pandemic, Modern Monetary Theory or MMT, somewhat disappointingly remains on the fringes of economic and financial market analysis. Mainstream economists, but particularly politicians of both spectrums, continue to

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The allure of gold remains

Gold has intrigued investors for almost as long as its existence, first as a store of wealth and currency and now as, well, what? Asset consultancy Frontier has taken a look at gold’s worth to professional investors. And it’s not

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Outlook for global growth shares ‘better than ever’

Munro Partners and its chief investment officer, Nick Griffin, seem to have a unique ability to look beyond the day-to-day noise that occurs in financial markets and frame the opportunity for global growth equities in seemingly simple terms. Since starting

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Why advisers are deserting Platinum

Comment by Jamie Nemtsas I have been an adviser for 25 years and, apart from a quick dalliance with AMP as a graduate, I have worked at or owned a self-licensed wealth management practice for all that time. Those practices,

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Xeppo seeks to support advisers in harnessing data

According to wealth management platform Netwealth (ASX: NWL), “Two in five advice firms will look to integrate their systems and databases in the next 24 months.” Assuming it’s correct, the wealth platform space will either undergo major consolidation or external

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Lockdown means a greater need to reach out

Rob Prugue, well-known investment manager and a former regional chief executive of Lazard Asset Management, has called on the financial services industry to appreciate the need for extra awareness of people’s mental state during the current lockdowns in Sydney and

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