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AMP flattens advice hierarchy with Hartley’s chief executive role ‘removed’

Hartley, who joined AMP from Sunsuper in January 2021, will help transition the AWM business to a flatter human resource model before leaving the group in late November.

Tahn Sharpe | 29th May 2023 | More
‘Hopefully, there isn’t much more pain to come’: AMP’s Mousina focusses on big picture

AMP recently promoted senior economist Diana Mousina to a new role, deputy chief economist, in recognition of her achievements and succession path. Like other economists, Mousina sees a recession on the cards for Australia, although the timeline may be longer than many hope.

Lisa Uhlman | 20th Apr 2023 | More
Decarbonisation push boosts infrastructure outlook – but correlations matter

Diversification is invaluable, and this is especially apparent during times of disruption and uncertainty. Exposure to infrastructure assets can help investors take advantage of the current volatility, but keeping asset correlation in mind is key.

Lisa Uhlman | 6th Apr 2023 | More
  • AMP’s Oliver sees silver lining in bank failures

    The uncertainty now blanketing the global banking sector adds to the risk of recession, but it comes with a silver lining, AMP’s Shane Oliver told The Inside Network’s Growth Symposium: it’s a sign that central banks’ battle against surging inflation may be nearing its end.

    Lisa Uhlman | 23rd Mar 2023 | More
    Ms Fixit to head up AMP

    The chief executive-elect of AMP Limited, once a financial services giant in size and stature – boasting for a time the advertising slogan: ‘We will always be there’ – faces the biggest task of her career. Her track record could not be better. The advertising slogan sounded good, if overly ambitious, for its post-IPO times. The sector’s predilection for…

    Greg Bright | 6th Apr 2021 | More
    Bonds are dead. Long live bonds!

    Quantitative easing, negative interest rates, and modern monetary theory (MMT) have all but forced the end of the 30-year bull market in government bonds; or have they? As we enter 2021 the chorus of commentators warning of significant capital losses on long-term bond investments and the reducing diversification benefits of that holding continues to grow….

    The Inside Adviser | 11th Jan 2021 | More