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T+1 settlement an ‘unstoppable force’ Australia needs to adopt, or risk falling behind

The frictionless movement of assets is becoming a common feature of markets around the developed world, yet Australia remains a step behind. The ASX is in no mood to rush the move to T+1, however, after its calamitous attempt to implement distributed ledger technology.

Tahn Sharpe | 16th May 2024 | More
$226M per adviser: Retirement opportunity set ‘never been better’

It’s a dire situation for consumers but a massive tailwind for financial advisers. More people and more capital in the superannuation coffers than ever, with a stubbornly small number of advisers to service them. 

Staff Writer | 16th May 2024 | More
  • ‘Completely unfair’: Advisers to be slugged another $4,165 over Dixons CSLR bill

    Costs for the compensation scheme are spiralling out of control, with the FAAA estimating another $4,165 will be added to every adviser’s CSLR bill – bringing the estimated total to $5,709 – if the funding model isn’t re-examined.

    Tahn Sharpe | 13th May 2024 | More
    ‘I’m sick of being an adviser ATM machine’: FAAA chair lashes out over CSLR

    Even though most of the Dixons Advisory complaints are yet to be submitted, the CSLR has already allocated a $24 million bill to the industry. Good financial advisers will be forced to pay for the nefarious and neglectful acts of bad ones for years to come.

    Tahn Sharpe | 6th May 2024 | More
  • ‘Remember to breathe’: Advice profitability up 4.4pc as industry settles

    After years of regulatory turmoil and a violently shifting business landscape, the advice industry may be on the cusp of a relatively calm period. For advisers, this could be the right time to reflect, revise and even reset their business.

    Tahn Sharpe | 6th May 2024 | More
    Advisers shift out of one-man shops as more ‘Micro-AFSLs’ close doors in 2024

    After the Hayne Royal Commission many advisers decided to steer away from large dealer groups in favour of becoming self-licensed. In the last six months, however, that trend has taken an abrupt turn.

    Tahn Sharpe | 24th Apr 2024 | More
    Industry ‘backed up’, waiting to invest in QAR reforms amid election uncertainty

    The government’s reform package may be flawed, but it’s crucial that the first tranche goes through parliament before the next election, Abood said. Further delays will stall vital investment in the financial advice industry.

    Tahn Sharpe | 18th Apr 2024 | More
    CSLR adds to the burden on industry it’s meant to support: FAAA

    There are several bones of contention that the FAAA, and the industry more broadly, has with the compensation scheme’s settings, despite supporting it in principle. At the heart of it is the government’s repeated willingness to foist retrospective punishment on the good for the sins of the bad.

    Tahn Sharpe | 20th Mar 2024 | More
    Have we reached peak model portfolio?

    There is an incredible rush to bring model portfolio offerings to market from every corner of the advice ecosystem. From platform providers to licensees and advice groups, researchers and asset consultants, the list of service providers casting themselves as mini fund managers is growing exponentially. We’ve seen this kind of thing happen before.

    Tahn Sharpe | 14th Mar 2024 | More
  • Advisers cram in the clients, but have more support than ever

    When you have an increase of 50 per cent in support staff over a 4 year span, it hints at some serious changes to the shape of advice practices across the country. It might also mean there are further efficiencies to unravel.

    Tahn Sharpe | 11th Mar 2024 | More
    ‘Make it cool’: Hunt for grads heats up as professional service firms scramble for talent

    Making up the adviser shortfall is going to be a challenge, with the big professional services firms just as desperate for top-level talent as advice groups. To get young people interested, Striver founder Alisdair Barr says, we need to make the industry interesting.

    Staff Writer | 26th Feb 2024 | More
    More clients per adviser forecasted as Australia follows UK industry evolution

    Our advisers may be a few years behind the UK industry in terms of development, but when they catch up there will be ample reward according to CoreData’s Andrew Inwood.

    Staff Writer | 12th Feb 2024 | More
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