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Fund managers urged to position portfolios for new era as generations and geopolitics collide

“The biggest mistake we make as investors is to think that the environment going forward is going to be similar to either the environment that we’ve had or the environment that is shortly foreseeable,” Langley said, adding that “all of this is going to get turned on its head”.

Tahn Sharpe | 9th Apr 2024 | More
Could another Trump term ‘fire’ inflation back up again?

A second Trump presidency would see a new era of American economic protectionism, according to Allspring, sending inflation higher and global growth lower. And that’s without factoring in potential threats from China and Iran.

Staff Writer | 4th Apr 2024 | More
  • China relationship brings new volatility dynamic to Australian portfolio management

    The importance of Australia’s economic relationship with China cannot be overstated, but with the Red Dragon’s economy faltering and our historically close bonds strained, investors need to tread a careful path.

    Nicholas Way | 4th Dec 2023 | More
    Pzena, Invesco managers top new investment skill benchmark

    Teams from Pzena and Invesco scored highly against the Northern Trust-backed Essentia Analytics’ Behavioural Alpha Benchmark, a system designed to differentiate between luck and true investment nous.

    Staff Writer | 23rd Nov 2023 | More
  • The quants are expanding their toolkit beyond factor investing: Invesco

    The latest iteration of Invesco’s landmark systematic investing study shows just how far quant teams are going in an effort to meet the modern day challenge of identifying and capitalising on emerging opportunities.

    Tahn Sharpe | 6th Nov 2023 | More
    In the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, reinvestment is the Rock of Ages

    Edinburgh-based Dundas Global Investors sees dividend growth, rather than dividend income itself, as the key to long-term outperformance. The numbers bear out the wisdom of that approach.

    James Dunn | 4th Sep 2023 | More
    High demand for cybersecurity rolls out new investment opportunities

    After a string of high-profile incidents, the sale of Australia’s largest listed cybersecurity company, Tesserent (ASX:TNT) to French multinational Thales is a reminder of the value in carefully selected small cap stocks.

    Emmanuel Datt | 26th Jun 2023 | More
    India remains pricey, but potential growth remains: Mason Stevens

    India’s booming population has many considering whether and how to get exposure to its market, despite its year-to-date underperformance. While it may not be the next China, India’s growth prospects remain attractive, driven by multiple tailwinds, and investors now have more points of access, Mason Stevens says.

    Lisa Uhlman | 1st Jun 2023 | More
    Adani attack puts focus on valuation concerns – and activists’ motives

    An explosive report by activist short seller Hindenburg Research led Adani Group to shelve a planned US$2.5 billion equity sale and wiped $120 billion from the multinational conglomerate’s market value. While activist short reports should be taken with a grain of salt, market observers said, some of Hindenburg’s key claims are likely valid – including that Adani was vastly overpriced.

    Lachlan Buur-Jensen | 23rd Feb 2023 | More
  • ‘China’s goal is not to kill capitalism’: Foord embraces tidal shift on Asia

    While the market is broadly underweight China, South African-based Foord Asset Management is confident that President Xi Jinping’s economic plan for the country will bear fruit over time.

    Nicholas Way | 1st Dec 2022 | More
    The quest to move from a linear model to a ‘circular economy’

    The continuation of an economic world built on linear consumption, LGT Crestone’s Rachel Etherington says, will further burgeoning social and economic issues that threaten to destabilize the global system.

    Staff Writer | 7th Nov 2022 | More
    The View from the Oasis of Optimism

    It’s a cliché that sometimes, the best way to view a problem is to go somewhere else and look at it from a different perspective.

    James Dunn | 11th Jul 2022 | More