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Leading the pack in 2024: High-yield income funds that are outperforming

Despite the inherent risks, the allure of high-yield fixed income funds in 2024 remains strong. They offer a compelling opportunity for enhanced returns against the backdrop of high inflation and a desire for greater diversification.

Will Arnost | 18th Apr 2024 | More
After a brutal period, active equity managers look to turn a corner

While some may have gotten a little kick out of watching the tall poppies of the investment landscape get cut down over the last decade, it’s worth remembering that stock pickers provide critical degrees of diversification and balance to the ecosystem. It may have been a tough old decade, but this cohort is nothing if not resilient.

Tahn Sharpe | 15th Apr 2024 | More
  • BlackRock’s Fink looks to Australia’s ‘good model’ for US super system

    Super funds are an accumulation wonder of the world, but when it comes to retirement they’re in the same leaky boat as every other defined contribution system. BlackRock wants to bail it out.

    Lachlan Maddock | 28th Mar 2024 | More
    Forget recession: Japan didn’t get the memo

    Far from entering a recession, the Japanese stock market is off on a tear. For investors looking to belatedly enter the market, however, pocket of opportunity do still remain.

    James Dunn | 14th Mar 2024 | More
  • Beyond bricks and mortar: 2024’s best listed property fund managers unveiled

    For many Australians, REITS have been a cornerstone for those looking to dip their toes into the property market without the traditional barriers of direct ownership. So, who were some top performing managers as at January 2024?

    Will Arnost | 7th Mar 2024 | More
    Advice fees still hinge on FUM, but the future may well be flexibility

    Clients have a right to know how advisers justify a fee of $15,000 per year when the investment income on a $1.5 million portfolio is only $75,000, says Drew Meredith. Maybe they should also have a hand in deciding how the fee is calculated.

    Drew Meredith | 4th Mar 2024 | More
    Active managers might be (relatively) more magnificent than markets suggest: GMO

    Betting on mega-caps has rarely paid off for active managers, but investors who want exposure to the US market are often forced to take on massive stock specific risk for or against the Magnificent Seven. A mega-cap mean-reversion could be a tailwind once again.

    David Chaplin | 4th Mar 2024 | More
    Buffet’s ‘not-so-secret-weapon’ is a double-edged sword

    Berkshire Hathaway is built to last, and probably will, with low debt levels and a vast waterfall of earnings that both insulate it against market mania and give it the capacity to act decisively during it. But when your market cap is nearly a trillion US dollars, there’s few deals that can truly move the needle.

    Staff Writer | 29th Feb 2024 | More
    Global risks can hit home with a punch, investors warned

    True diversification is the only way for investors to protect themselves against global risk, says Jamie Green. “This includes diversification across asset classes, geographies, industries and even company sizes.”

    Staff Writer | 21st Feb 2024 | More
  • Why fund managers are smarter than you think

    The current market isn’t just a poor marking stick for active investment expertise, but a dangerous one, with concentration risk at alarmingly high levels. Are fund managers right to be wrong?

    Tahn Sharpe | 15th Feb 2024 | More
    Why ‘Magnificent Seven’ FOMO can be a serious NO-NO for investors

    It’s hard to exceed stratospheric expectations, which is the proposition investors buying into the big US tech stocks face. Hunting for lower bars to hurdle likely makes sense in this unique market era, according to Orbis Investments.

    Tahn Sharpe | 15th Feb 2024 | More
    Small caps set for resurgence with softening of inflation: Atchison’s

    Toohey notes that on top of softening inflation, small caps will also be buoyed by enhanced consumer sentiment and a better lending environment. “The sector now looks extremely attractive,” he says.

    Staff Writer | 15th Feb 2024 | More
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