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Webinars you don’t want to miss…

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GAM Investments

As has become the norm in these unique circumstances, GAM Investments, the Swiss-based 170bn asset manager will be running it’s Asia Conference virtually this year. GAM have always stood out as industry leading managers with a particular specialty in alternative and absolute return strategies, including their Systematic and Alternative Risk Premia options. The sessions are spread across four days between the 18th and 27th of August, covering the most important themes of the next ten years, including:

  • The continued disruption of traditional business models by technology enabled businesses;
  • The lifetime opportunity for emerging markets as the global growth leaders
  • The benefit of true diversification via systematic investing;
  • The changing nature of fixed income markets.

The link to register is available here.

  • Schroders Investment Management are ringing the bell for another round of the value vs. growth battling. With the heads of their Global Value Fund, Simon Adler, and Liam Nunn, hosting a webinar on 19 August suggesting COVID-19 may be offering more value opportunities than ever. Despite growth leading the way for multiple years now, there is surely opportunity in value investing, albeit not in P/E obsessed way it has been traditionally applied. Interestingly, many so call ‘value’ managers are anything but after years of outperformance, with Schroders seeming to be one of the few. The link to register is available here.
    Franklin – Is innovation the key to long-term growth

    Don Huber and Francyne Mu, leaders of the Franklin Global Growth Fund, which was recently awarded Global Fund Manager of the year by Morningstar will be providing an update to investors on Thursday the 20th of August. The fund has delivered sector leading returns across multiple time periods via its mid-to-large cap focus on and strategy of identifying companies being empowered by technology, rather than those creating it. The group utilises a unique approach, ensuring its portfolio companies have limited economic exposures to reduce the risk of the portfolio. The session will focus on the innovative changes occurring post the pandemic. The link to register is available here.

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