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This new app is guiding small businesses towards a lower carbon future


An Australian start-up, founded by Bryan Rollins, former general manager at Atlassian, WorkForClimate is focused on empowering individual professionals to create change within the corporate sector. Its mission is to speed-up the corporate transition away from fossil fuels by guiding businesses and employees to commit to climate goals across four categories:

  1. Energy – Help your business switch to 100% renewables
  2. Emissions – Under the different types of greenhouse gases, measure, reduce and offset your emissions.
  3. Money – Through investing, real change can take place. Investing presents a unique opportunity to speed up the transition to renewables.
  4. Lobbying – Advocating for change through corporate lobbying. How to switch to 100% renewable energy?

On the company website, it says “as governments around the world commit to net-zero-emissions, businesses need to rapidly transition their operations to mitigate climate risk. These changes are complex, and most corporations do not yet have the internal resources required to manage the process.” WorkForClimate’s resources help guide users through each step of the simple climate initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

The program was first incubated by The Sunrise Project, an Australian-founded not-for-profit organisation focused on driving the global transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. From summer bushfires choking the air in Australia to rising sea levels and melting ice caps, it’s all becoming very real, according to WorkForClimate, which says “we’re feeling the effects and it will only get worse.” ‍

WorkForClimate has one goal – “To help answer the question: what can we, as busy professionals with full-time jobs in other areas, really hope to accomplish?”

WorkForClimate says “With big businesses like Telstra, Coles and Woolworths taking the steps to switch to 100% renewable energy, and businesses switching their default superannuation to ethical super funds that don’t invest in fossil fuels, we see this as just the beginning of this corporate movement, as more businesses commit to being part of the solution to the climate crisis.”

If you’re not sure what you can do to help solve the mooted climate crisis, then this is the app for you. WorkForClimate helps all businesses, no matter what stage. Every business is on its own climate journey, says the company: “WorkForClimate empowers employees to figure out what your goals should be and what your next steps are to fix the future faster.”

The way the app does this is by focusing on initiatives that have the most significant impact on corporate decarbonisation. WorkForClimate offers articles that guide users through every phase of their climate journey, from case studies of professionals already on the path, through to comprehensive, step-by-step playbooks, so users can immerse themselves at the level that works for them. This means the app looks at resources for professionals that cover:

  •  Live, guided cohort programs
  •  Comprehensive, step-by-step playbooks
  •  An online Slack community
  • Measure your impact – The team can show you how to set achievable goals for your business and measure your impact

“Every business needs to move to a fossil-free future, and if you WorkForClimate, yours will move 10 times faster,” says Rollins.

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