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Emissions retreat as energy transition takes effect: Australian Ethical

The move towards renewable sources of energy gathers pace, and while the majority of our power still comes from coal and gas, efforts to put capital behind low-emission companies is paying dividends according to the ethical investor.

Staff Writer | 20th Jun 2024 | More
Australian Ethical rotates to transition-linked metals as broader resources market weakens

The ethical investor is using the China’s sluggish reemergence from the pandemic as an opportunity to rotate into more investments that facilitate a sustainable future, while simultaneously fortifying the return profile of its flagship fund.

Tahn Sharpe | 7th Jun 2024 | More
Australian Ethical hunts opportunities in private debt, climate tech

The $10 billion ethical investors expects “quite an evolution” in climate resilience and mitigation investing, as well as growing interest in sectors like water, where it is “actively exploring” opportunities.

Staff Writer | 27th May 2024 | More
  • Investment managers get more active on ESG engagement and accountability

    Institutional investment teams may still oscillate between engagement and divestment as their first choice in leverage with large emitting companies, but one thing is certain – they are all looking at ways to hold these groups accountable for their activities and behaviours.

    Tahn Sharpe | 13th Nov 2023 | More
    Lack of global warming accountability putting investors, and the planet, at risk

    “Rational, economic arguments” are required to support a reduction of the costs of global warming on the planet and the economy, says Australian Ethical.

    Staff Writer | 9th Oct 2023 | More
    Why I’m committed to ESG, despite the momentum shift

    As advisers we tend to forget the incredible position in which we sit, as the stewards of client capital, with the power to determine what types of companies deserve or warrant additional investment. Our advocacy effectively provides capital to these companies to continue to grow and evolve.

    Drew Meredith | 31st Aug 2023 | More
  • HMC Capital gets real on net-zero with impact themed 3-step approach

    Eighteen months ago, the fund started by former US banker David Di Pilla announced its target to achieve net-zero for scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by FY28. Alongside this came an energy road map and the first phase of its ‘Energy Management System’, which was subsequently rolled out across 18 sites.

    Tahn Sharpe | 10th Jul 2023 | More
    ESG a ‘substance-less concept’ and AI will reduce profitability: New York academic

    ESG is the “emptiest” idea, according to Aswath Damodaran, while AI will morph into higher costs for companies overall with no competitive advantage in a world where the technology is ubiquitous.

    David Chaplin | 9th Jun 2023 | More
  • Don’t get ‘stranded’ with fossil fuel stocks as transition gains pace: Australian Ethical

    As Australia’s energy transition ramps up, spurred by a greater government commitment, the ethical investment manager says investors risk getting saddled with “stranded assets” if they don’t limit their exposure to fossil fuels.

    Lisa Uhlman | 5th Jun 2023 | More
    The strategy of compromise: Australian Ethical eyes supermarket giants

    Using Coles as a case study, Australian Ethical demonstrates how sustainability-minded money managers are dealing with the nuanced issues involved in appraising the activities of big companies.

    Tahn Sharpe | 8th May 2023 | More
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