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Bitcoin fund added to leading platform


Popular wealth platform Praemium has approved Monochrome’s flagship Bitcoin Fund on the Powerwrap product suite providing wholesale investors access to a Bitcoin fund via their IDPS-like scheme.

  • Powerwrap has been well ahead of the cryptocurrency boom, having launched its first Bitcoin tracker fund two years ago, through the Cloudbreak Asset Management (CBAM) team, which established the Cloudbreak Bitcoin Investment Trust, a long-only passive Bitcoin tracker fund that maintains an insurance policy with Lloyds of London.

    The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (MBF) is the second Bitcoin-styled fund and is now available to wholesale investors via the Powerwrap product suite. Powered by Praemium’s innovative, institutional-grade platform, with over $170 billion in funds under administration, Powerwrap is a market-leading product suite for private wealth, managed accounts and non-custodial investment solutions.

    CEO of Monochrome, Jeff Yew, says, “With consumer demand for digital assets on the rise, Praemium has stepped forward as the first-mover to support regulated investment vehicles offering investment-grade exposure to bitcoin via the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund.”

    The MBF is an off-platform product that is issued through an information memorandum.

    Praemium’s head of investment managers and governance, Damian Cilmi, said “Monochrome is setting the standard for exposure to digital assets in Australia and we are excited to be able to offer this investment opportunity to our wholesale clients via the Powerwrap product suite. There is growing interest in the high-net-wealth investor segment for cryptocurrency investment opportunities and the formation of Monochrome Research shows industry-defining leadership on building knowledge and education around this space.”

    With access through a familiar investment vehicle, Powerwrap users are able to easily incorporate bitcoin exposure into portfolios through MBF units. The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund is now available via the Powerwrap product suite.

    Ishan Dan

    Ishan is an experienced journalist covering The Inside Investor and The Insider Adviser publications.

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