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An interview with Ralph Czhichon, PSK Financial Services

This month we were lucky enough to catch up with Ralph Czichon as Australia slowly moves towards a COVID-normal environment. Ralph is a stalwart and industry thought leader having operated for 30 years and now heading PSK Financial Services in Parramatta, NSW.

First off, we aim to learn a little more about Ralph:

Whilst a little in the rear view mirror now, what has been your favourite weekend activity during lockdowns?
Making pasta, sausages, sauerkraut, red cabbage, pizza, and everything else from scratch. (Sounds delicious Ralph).

  • And your favourite holiday destination pre-COVID?
    Cruising the open ocean.

    The first thing you’ll will be doing post COVID-19 lockdown?
    Going fishing of course.

    Ralph was quite optimistic in his assessment of being an Australia, with the biggest benefit being able to live here. Something that is incredibly valuable as we look around the world today.

    Moving to Ralph’s investment views, he is quite clear:

    Start early and invest regularly regardless of prevailing market conditions.

    Your preferred investment vehicle?
    Ralph prefers the expert guidance of active fund managers.

    Similarly to his advice, Ralph suggests the most important investment recommendation he has ever made, is to invest regularly and often.

    His biggest disappointment, investing into three different agricultural trusts that all went ‘belly up’.

    And the best investment for financial Armageddon, crypto currency as it is becoming embraced across the financial sector.  

    Your biggest concern for investors today?
    Ralph has become concerned that markets have become too ‘forward thinking’ and may perhaps be pricing in a recovery that doesn’t eventuate.

    There couldn’t be better timing for this one, on the Trump vs. Biden election, Ralph made the early call suggesting Trump will indeed be re-elected in 2020. It’s too close to call at this stage.

    And you cant say Ralph is pessimistic, with only one company to choose, he nominated AMP as the best performing Australian company over the next decade. Because he ‘believes in miracles. With the recent takeover offer he may just be right.

    Finally, on the one global stock he would buy?
    Carnival Cruise Lines, mainly for the onboard spending credits offered to shareholders. Well let’s hope the company recovers for your holidays Ralph!


    Ishan Dan

    Ishan is an experienced journalist covering The Inside Investor and The Insider Adviser publications.

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