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  • Dragana Timotijevic

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Corporate governance key to performance

Calvert Institute, the Responsible Lending arm of asset management Eaton Vance, this week released an extensive analysis on the real impacts that corporate governance practices are having on financial performance. The sector and connection between the two has until this point been under-researched and likely under-appreciated, particularly on a global scale. In conducting its research,…

The Inside Adviser | 22nd Oct 2020 | More
Governance: Raising the bar

Governance is the pillar of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles that investors have been actively considering for the longest period of time. This is not surprising, as in some ways, it could be said that governance is probably the most important aspect of ESG. An organisation’s board’s role is to appoint the CEO and…

Dragana Timotijevic | 27th Sep 2020 | More
Purposeful engagement is more effective than shareholder activism

Shareholder activist groups are diverting company management’s time and energy towards narrow environmental and social causes. We explore why active ownership and purposeful engagement can achieve a better outcome for all stakeholders.

Will Bayliss | 7th Apr 2020 | More