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Did the great recession of 2023 just pass us by, or is it still lurking?

Did one of the most widely forecast recessions just fail to materialise, Neuberger Berman asks, or are we entering a false dawn that could see investors trip over themselves to entertain more risk than is prudent?

Tahn Sharpe | 9th Aug 2023 | More
Last mile for tightening as sovereign wealth investment themes come into view: Invesco

Inflation is in a transitory phase but the downward trend looks set to continue. Sovereign funds around the world are adjusting accordingly, with 5 major themes charting the course of institutional investors in the current climate.

Tahn Sharpe | 17th Jul 2023 | More
Emerging markets to the core

The mention of emerging markets (EM) opens up a messy vista of many complex and troublesome issues, not least in China, representing the beating heart of EM. Add in a lack of central bank independence, volatile currencies, unpredictable governments and it is little wonder that EM struggles with a risk/return balance. Through to the end…

Giselle Roux | 19th Oct 2020 | More
  • Changing your mindset

    The pandemic but more importantly the economic restrictions used to limit its spread will have long-lasting impacts on the global economy. As Victoria, and with-it Australia, appear to be nearing the end of lockdowns the northern hemisphere is now facing their own, more deadly second wave, with a curfew installed in Paris over the weekend….

    The Inside Adviser | 19th Oct 2020 | More
    Integrity Life raises $43 million

    Integrity Life secured $43 million in their recent series B round of funding. There was a strong interest in the raise, that took place before and during COVID-19. Given the instability of the global economy, this significant investment is being viewed by the market as further endorsement of the importance of Integrity’s digital-led positioning. The…

    Jordan Kerr | 1st Oct 2020 | More
    Six positive catalysts that could surprise investors

    Over the last year, 10-year German Bund yields have gradually declined. Investor sentiment deteriorated over the course of this period as the US-China trade dispute dragged on, taking global growth down with it.

    Jack McIntyre | 5th Nov 2019 | More
  • Will business and consumer confidence converge?

    Global consumer and business confidence have diverged, a trend that started in 2018. It is otherwise pretty rare, only occurring two other times over the last 30-plus years.

    Jack McIntyre | 6th Aug 2019 | More