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The path to recovery

According to global asset manager Franklin Templeton there is no historical comparison for the magnitude of aggregate demand that is currently being destroyed . So how do we recover? Through a combination of co-ordinated policy responses and China likely leading the way.

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Financial advice and the power of language

Most advisers know the value of changing their language when switching from industry speak to client discourse, but many still fall into the trap of distancing themselves from clients by using jargon and buzzwords.

Drew Meredith | 27th Nov 2023 | More
The advice business that thrives will align towards its true niche

To make advice work, advisers need to home in on the centre of their business proposition, sometimes at the expense of their better intentions.

Drew Meredith | 23rd Nov 2023 | More
Advice reform stalls as Jones dithers on SOA, safe harbour changes

Even with a lightened agenda, the government failed to finish its homework and instead delivered only a portion of the first tranche of advice reforms. It’s a poor return, and at this rate the advice review could be a ten-year project.

Tahn Sharpe | 16th Nov 2023 | More
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