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How robo-advice leads to further investments

While the buzz surrounding its introduction just over ten years ago has abated, an increasing body of research is building on the value of robo-advice. A new paper shows the benefits can be wide-reaching. More than a marketing tool for index managers or various asset allocators and other agents, robo-advice, when properly constructed with a…

Greg Bright | 14th Jun 2021 | More
A robotic future: investing in robotics, automation and AI

COVID-19 has caused the deepest liquidity squeeze since 2006, an unexpected economic shock causing an immediate deterioration in conditions.

The Inside Adviser | 24th May 2021 | More
‘Rational bubble’, but crypto acceptance increasing

Europe’s largest asset manager, with EUR$1.4 trillion ($2.2 trillion) in investor funds, Amundi Asset Management, recently weighed into the cryptocurrency phenomenon, releasing a ‘Blue Paper’ on the topic. It offers a unique insight from a traditional fund manager on what is a clearly non-traditional asset class. From the outset the authors, deputy CIO Vincent Mortier…

Staff Writer | 6th Apr 2021 | More
  • Alternative thoughts on the value conundrum

    This is not another “now is the time for value” story. Really. Perhaps the unique nature of the market’s record run in growth over value has been to do with our definition of value. Here are some alternative thoughts. According to a paper from Amundi Asset Management, ‘Do Not Give Up on Fundamental Valuations’, investors are struggling…

    Greg Bright | 22nd Mar 2021 | More
    Is it time to seek ESG improvers?

    The popularity of ESG strategies means the world may be running out of appropriately priced investment opportunities in the sector. In this paper, Amundi writes that it may be time to look for companies that are¬†seeking to improve their business practices but aren’t yet ‘ESG leaders’.

    Annabelle Dickson | 27th Aug 2020 | More
    Amundi – ‘The Day After’

    What we have learned from the Covid-19 crisis

    Monica Defend | 28th Jul 2020 | More