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Australian Ethical hits $5 billion after 35 years

“Green-washing” and ESG may have been the most popular words in funds management in 2020, as consumers became more interested in where their capital was being invested and what it was being used to support. An extensive list of events

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The stage is set for an evolution in trading

The attack on short sold stocks in the past week has caused a frenzy of comments on the participation of so-called retail investors. Where this will end up is anyone’s guess, but what is increasingly clear is that equity markets

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Platinum looks within to replace top performing manager

The departure of top performing Asia Fund manager Joseph Lai before Christmas has forced contrarian value manager Platinum Asset Management into some leadership changes. The company announced to the ASX recently that Clay Smolinksi, who is currently the Portfolio Manager

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Zen and the Art of Financial Advice

How do you know you need advice? Seeking advice can be a challenging endeavour for most people. It is not so much that advice is hard to find, but more so that the abundance of information out there offers so

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Is this the biggest risk in your portfolio?

While listening to a conference by multi-asset investment manager, Ruffer LLP – an event we covered here – it became evident that most portfolios are inadequately prepared for the future that lies ahead. While UK-based Ruffer is little-known in Australia,

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Future fund prepares for worst

One of the most eagerly awaited updates in the investment market is that of the $171 billion Future Fund, Australia’s sovereign wealth fund – and the December 2020 update was even more closely watched than normal. Because of its initial

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In conversation with Troy Armstrong, Koda Capital

Troy joined the Koda Capital team in late 2019 as an Adviser and Partner, but brought with him extensive experience across self-managed superfunds, trusts and companies, which allowed him to quickly cement his position within the independent wealth management firm

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Private lending will be key to an economic recovery

Middle market companies contribute close to 25 per cent of Australia’s GDP and employ a similar portion of the population according to consulting firm BDO. Simply defined as those companies with a turnover between $25 million and $500 million, most

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