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Being in the right place at the right time

This week we caught up with Luke Spiller, a partner at Melbourne-based Scholten Collins McKissock Wealth Management. Luke is an up-and-coming leader in the financial advice industry, a ‘lifer,’ so to speak, who points to the evolution of investment markets

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Is gold only for the true believers?

Gold’s crown is a little tainted by its recent price retracement, which has taken the yellow metal roughly back to where it was a year ago. Instead, Bitcoin has smashed the ball out of the park. Why is there such

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Research Affiliates on ‘the trade of the decade’

Factor manager Research Affiliates appears to be charging in where value managers are still nervous to tread, with a big call on the state of global markets and where the main opportunity lies – UK equities. Mike Aked, Research Affiliates’

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‘Rational bubble’, but crypto acceptance increasing

Europe’s largest asset manager, with EUR$1.4 trillion ($2.2 trillion) in investor funds, Amundi Asset Management, recently weighed into the cryptocurrency phenomenon, releasing a ‘Blue Paper’ on the topic. It offers a unique insight from a traditional fund manager on what

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Overcoming career risk in the fund management game

It’s commonly stated that career risk is among the biggest factors that drives the perceived under-performance of most active managers. The evidence suggests that as successful managers attract more capital and their remuneration increases, they tend to regress back to

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Are we talking about the wrong bubble?

“Am I worried about asset prices rising too quickly? At the moment, I don’t see anything that’s unsustainable”. “I recognise that low interest rates are one of the factors contributing to higher housing prices and that high and rising housing

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