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How robo-advice leads to further investments

While the buzz surrounding its introduction just over ten years ago has abated, an increasing body of research is building on the value of robo-advice. A new paper shows the benefits can be wide-reaching. More than a marketing tool for

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‘I would never have done it’: Monash ditches LIC

Investment firm Monash has restructured its Absolute Investment Company LIC (which traded under the ASX ticker MA1) with near-unanimous shareholder approval, voicing concerns that the LIC was “besmirching” the house’s reputation as top fundies. Monash Investors will restructure its Absolute

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‘You can’t just ride the trend’

The “green” future is covered in dirt. As the proposed shift toward carbon targets and decarbonisation continues apace, it is increasingly clear that the shift will rely heavily on old-fashioned commodities. These range from the well-known metals, including lithium and

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Valuation gap between value and growth at ‘extreme levels’

Simon Adler, who heads up the Equity Value fund at Schroders, presented at The Inside Network’s recent Equities & Growth Assets symposium, discussing the topic, ‘The War is Over” — meaning the “war” between Value and Growth — and highlighting the opportunity set for

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More questions than answers despite the macro consensus

Conversations on investment matters are wide-ranging. Many enjoy the ethereal world of big picture debates. Identifying these in the long run has been critical, but only a handful matter. Interest rates are the perennial, though rarely has the consensus been

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Is Team Australia tightening too fast?

When COVID-19 found its way to Australia the health advice was to mandate social distancing by closing businesses deemed non-essential and restricting people’s movement. The economic consequences were tragic – both at the aggregate level and because certain industries and

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