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Lockdown means a greater need to reach out

Rob Prugue, well-known investment manager and a former regional chief executive of Lazard Asset Management, has called on the financial services industry to appreciate the need for extra awareness of people’s mental state during the current lockdowns in Sydney and

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Ex-Pengana stars in new global boutique

Jordan Cvetanovski and Steven Glass, former Pengana Capital equities managers, have resurfaced at the helm of their own venture, Pella Funds Management. Cvetanovski and Glass formulated their offering after leaving Pengana in March. They have now recruited two staff and

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Cryptocurrency emerging as hedge against looming inflation

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rattle global economies, cryptocurrency — and its most popular “coins,” Bitcoin and Ethereum — has proven to be an enticing asset for a flood of both new and experienced, opportunistic investors. 2021 has seen many highly regarded financial

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FASEA exam extended nine months*, waiting period waived

The Federal Government’s sympathy for the under-pressure financial advice industry was exhibited once again this week, with Jane Hume, the Minister for Financial Services, delivering an unexpected extension of impending FASEA deadlines. Before the announcement, all registered financial advisers were

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Perennial proves a point with Better Future

If investors ever had any concerns about whether the Perennial ‘Better Future’ strategy was giving up any potential returns through its ESG orientation, the actual results should put them to rest. The strategy, available through a standard unlisted unit trust,

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Career risk and paper plates

Even in ethical and responsible investing, ‘there will always be winners and there will always be losers, not everything is going to win’. They were some of the words of wisdom offered by Mike Murray, Head of Domestic Equities at

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Did the value recovery finish before it started?

Despite the recent renaissance of so-called ‘value’ investing, sustained underperformance has wiped out the longer-term gains traditionally attributed to this style of investing. Yet headlines and fund manager communiques remain full of hope for the sector. Is value investing dead

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Beware the losers among thematic fund winners

Thematically focussed funds have been the big winners in fund flows in the past three years, but most themes have turned out to be fads, new research shows. According to Morningstar’s latest ‘Global Thematic Funds Landscape Report’, link here, over

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ASICs releases guidance on Ongoing Fee Arrangements

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, regulator of the financial adviser industry, this week released their long-awaited guidance regarding Ongoing Fee Arrangement changes set to come into force on 1 July 2021. In a positive move for advisers struggling under

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