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More questions than answers despite the macro consensus

Conversations on investment matters are wide-ranging. Many enjoy the ethereal world of big picture debates. Identifying these in the long run has been critical, but only a handful matter. Interest rates are the perennial, though rarely has the consensus been

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Is Team Australia tightening too fast?

When COVID-19 found its way to Australia the health advice was to mandate social distancing by closing businesses deemed non-essential and restricting people’s movement. The economic consequences were tragic – both at the aggregate level and because certain industries and

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Has Tencent beaten Facebook at their own game?

Emerging markets, including China and India, have been among the most popular destinations for investors in recent months, with many attracted to their diversification benefits. There remains a common misconception that these countries are still the “manufacturer for the world,”

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Searching for nirvana

One of the (many) headaches of the current financial market setup is the lack of return on cash or term deposits that can hold onto the real value of money. This is a modest but important ask. Many investors want

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The role and outlook for credit in 2021

Michael Karagianis who is the head of NFP and Retail Partnerships at JANA Investment Advisors presented “The role and outlook for credit” at The Inside Network’s third Masterclass session this year. His message to investors is to prepare for further

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The end is nigh for the SOA as we know it

As highlighted in our article recently covering the formation of the ‘single disciplinary body’ to govern and regulate individual financial advisers, the landscape continues to evolve on a near daily basis. Comments from ASIC in response to their call for

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