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The Inside Adviser results

ASX closes 0.4% lower, Santos completes merger

ASX losing run snapped, Fortescue CEO leaves, gold miners outperform The S&P/ASX200 managed to snap a four-week losing run to post a 1.5 per cent gain over the week.This was despite falling 0.4 per cent on Friday ahead of an all-important inflation print in the US Shares in Fortescue (ASX: FMG) fell 0.8 per cent after CEO Elizabeth Gaines announced she would…

The Inside Adviser | 13th Dec 2021 | More
ASX ends unbeaten run, approvals galore, Redbubble, Magellan fall

 Markets couldn’t overcome weaker sentiment today, initially trading higher but ultimately falling 0.3 per cent and breaking the 2 per cent gains in recent days. Only two sectors posted positive returns, being utilities and healthcare, which gained 0.4 and 0.2 per cent respectively with the rest falling into negative territory. The worst was the energy sector, down 1.1…

The Inside Adviser | 10th Dec 2021 | More
INDepth with Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton

Chris Siniakov from Franklin Templeton goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘Investing in Australian fixed income through high inflation’.

The Inside Adviser | 9th Dec 2021 | More
ASX soars above Omicron concerns with 1.3% gain

 The S&P/ASX200 (ASX: XJO) continued its positive run, gaining another 1.3 per cent with every sector of the market finishing higher. The standouts were the technology, communications and materials sector, which all gained 2.1 per cent. The buy now pay later companies finally saw a reprieve, with Zip Co (ASX: Z1P) topping the market after gaining 10.9 per cent and Afterpay (ASX:…

The Inside Adviser | 9th Dec 2021 | More
ASX closes 1% higher as RBA signals Omicron no threat

Positive news from the White House on the severity of the Omicron variant supported another surge in the S&P/ASX200 (ASX: XJO), which gained 1 per cent, taking the winning streak to three straight days. Consumer-facing companies, particularly travel stocks, lead the way with the sector up 1.6 per cent, slightly behind the healthcare and tech sectors which gained 1.7 and 1.9 per…

The Inside Adviser | 8th Dec 2021 | More
  • ASX edges ahead despite tech plunge, Metcash up 6.2%

    BNPL rout sinks market, Boral sells fly ash, Bapcorp chief out The S&P/ASX200 (ASX: XJO) managed to eke out a tiny gain of just 4 points on Monday overcoming a mixed overseas lead. This was despite significantly selling pressure facing the technology sector, but more specifically Buy Now Pay Later groups including Afterpay (ASX: APT) and Zip Co (ASX: Z1P). The sector fell 2.2 per cent…

    The Inside Adviser | 6th Dec 2021 | More
    IN60 with Henry Elgood from Trilogy Funds

    Henry Elgood from Trilogy Funds answers ‘quickfire’ questions with James Dunn from The Inside Network.

    The Inside Adviser | 6th Dec 2021 | More
    INDepth with Henry Elgood from Trilogy Funds

    Henry Elgood from Trilogy Funds goes in depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on ‘Combining property, fixed-interest and credit for enhanced income’.

    The Inside Adviser | 6th Dec 2021 | More
    Energy boosts ASX to 0.2% gain, TPG slumps

    Positive finish to volatile week, Novonix tanks, CSL lining up big deal An increasingly volatile week finish on a positive note, with the S&P/ASX200 (ASX: XJO) gaining 0.2 per cent on Monday, trimming the weekly loss to just 0.5 per cent. The famous Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference attracted all the attention with Berkshire Hathaway founder Charlie Munger delivering some scathing commentary. On Friday…

    The Inside Adviser | 5th Dec 2021 | More
    Sustainable investing: investors views following COP26
    The Inside Adviser | 3rd Dec 2021 | More
    Evergreen ratings highlights new venture capital prospect
    Ishan Dan | 18th Nov 2021 | More
    IN60 with Andre Roberts from Invesco
    The Inside Adviser | 18th Oct 2021 | More
    ‘It’s never been a better environment to start shorting stocks’
    Lachlan Maddock | 22nd Nov 2021 | More
    What does High Conviction mean?
    Ishan Dan | 18th Mar 2021 | More
    As adviser numbers dwindle, pressure turns to industry funds
    Drew Meredith | 6th Dec 2021 | More
    The Principals’ Community forges its own path
    Staff Writer | 18th Nov 2021 | More