Giselle Roux
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Giselle Roux is a staff writer for The Inside Investor.

What if?

Portfolio construction is a function of possibilities. Equity versus fixed income is the obvious; equity the potential of capital growth, and fixed income the promise of low-yet-secure returns. You can test returns based on evidence from whatever historic time frame…

A change in script on emerging markets

A lot of us spend an inordinate amount of time reading through erudite commentators on anything related to markets. ‘Stay informed’ is a common headline logo. Does this collective wisdom improve investment decisions? The current equity rally has a fountain…

Is big picture small beer?

Great debates on longer term economic trends and the impact on financial markets are often a go-to conversation with investors. Few call up to ask what is the discount rate or cash flow yield, but many have opinions on issue…

It’s gotta be bonds?

The toughest asset sector in an investment portfolio is the fixed income. Putting aside the difficulties in convincing an investor to have an allocation to fixed income when the conversation is sprinkled with mind-numbing terms such as duration, curves, and…

REITs: victims of fashion

A dedicated allocation to ASX listed REITs is largely an Australian idiosyncrasy as a legacy from the high weight and structural elements of the property trust sector in its heyday. The 2009 financial crisis should have put paid to the…

Scrubbing up the application of ESG

Amongst the headline noise on virus affected financial conditions, it is surprising that ESG seems to have gained an even stronger foothold.

Is risk management the new black?

After years of ever-increasing focus on returns to the extent that even fixed income allocations got caught in the vortex, there is a sobering reassessment of the risk profile across a portfolio.

Embracing Big Brother

Most of us have not experienced the current level of government and institutional direction of our lives. The impact on business is likely to be profound.

Spread is your value factor

Low interest rates justify high equity PE’s, and that is particularly so for long duration, high growth equities. So goes the story. It’s worked in recent years and therefore the evidence is there to support the pattern. A simpler argument…